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R&T Yoder Electric Serves Central OH Business

We've got your commercial electric needs covered any time, day or night. For inspections, repairs to failed systems, or complex installations, count on us.

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  • Upgrades to old wiring or service panels

  • Installations of new, energy-saving lighting

  • Outdoor safety lighting

  • Installations of appliances and direct-wired devices

  • Wiring of cubicles and work spaces

Whatever the matter, we can help

Consider various emergency generator systems that

will protect your business even in a widespread outage.  


Loss of power for businesses that rely on it heavily

could cost you plenty of dollars. Meanwhile, Midwest weather is more violent than ever. Get peace of mind from R & T Yoder.

Are you prepared if power goes off?

Our 24-hour

response brings assistance when

you need it.

CALL 614-379-2939

Don't rely on

inexperienced electrical help

to keep your valuable

business going! R & T Yoder has the knowledge to keep

you running.

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