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Have a Industrial Electric Project or Problem?

Adding value to your home or business is our expertise at R & T Yoder Electric. We don’t just fix electrical issues, we provide unmatched innovation to solutions for any project you have. After 18 years in business, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your electrical needs by maximizing your business profitability and decreasing energy costs. Let us inspect your place of business, identify any building code issues and recommend the correct electrical solution.

Industrial Electrical Services

Control Panels, Control Integration
Control Wiring, DC Power Wiring
Instrumentation Devices and Wiring
Programmable Logic Controllers
Machinery Hookup
Motor Control Centers
Moves, Adds, & Changes
Power and Lighting Utility Services
Plant Shutdowns
Preventive Maintenance
Primary Voltage Distribution, Transformation
Troubleshooting & Repair
Wiring & Switches

Industrial Electrician Services F.A.Q.

In our many years of providing residential electrician services to Franklin County and the surrounding regions, we’ve been asked many questions. Whether via phone or email communique, here are the most common questions we hear and a quick summary of their answers.

Yes, please contact our Industrial Service department to get a service contract set up.

Do you do design-build projects?

On a new build we can start as soon as all the framing is completed. Typically, we wait until the plumbers and HVAC techs are done to allow them to run their pipe and duct wherever they need to. We then come back in after paint to finish installing all devices, light fixtures and covers

Yes, we are very equipped to trench lines and backfill those trenches. We use a mini excavator for larger projects and trenchers for smaller projects to not disturb as much ground. We have relationships with multiple underground boring companies to complete more complex projects where digging is not an easy option

Yes, if doing an estimate, one of our estimators will help you decide on the right amount of light and placement. Our technicians are also well versed in lighting placement and can assist in layout during the project.

Yes, we have different sized lifts available to reach nearly all parking lot poles to troubleshoot or replace lights

Yes, we have done numerous large lighting retrofits including car dealerships, parking lots, and showrooms.

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Premier residential electrician serving Columbus and the surrounding area, there are several ways to get in touch with us. Send us a message HERE or give us a call at 614-206-5401. We’ll go over your request for service and set up a time for a member of our team to provide you with a thorough quote.

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