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How do you know when your facility should contact an outside electrician for  assistance? Are there specific tasks that only a professional commercial electrician can  perform? Today, we’re going to look at five questions and answers about commercial  electricians. Let’s start with the basics: who needs a commercial electrician? 

Who needs a commercial electrician? 

Many industrial and commercial facilities will have employees who are familiar with  electrical systems and professional wiring. Does this mean that they can trust those  team members to handle commercial electrician tasks? 

We wouldn’t recommend it. A commercial electrician will have both the necessary  certifications as well as the trained skills to handle your needs. So who needs a  commercial electrician? That’s easy: any facility that plans to make changes to or  expand its current electrical grid. 

What tasks can commercial electricians perform? 

That’s the who. Now, let’s tackle our second of five questions and answers about  commercial electricians. Specifically, what tasks can they perform? 

• In no particular order, commercial electricians can: 

• Install control panels and integrate them into your power grid; • Install wiring; 

• Set up and install logic controllers; 

• Hook up new machinery; 

• Help with retrofitting new LED lighting to your existing fixtures; • Assist with any moves, additions, or changes to your facility; 

And much more. They’re a one-stop shop for all of your commercial power needs. 

Can commercial electricians help during a plant shutdown? 

The third of our five questions and answers about commercial electricians has a  simple, three-letter word for its answer. Can commercial electricians help during a plant  shutdown? Yes! 

Now, how can they help exactly? By performing critical maintenance on your systems  and power grid, installing new fixtures, and ensuring that your facility has the  necessary safety precautions in place to prevent power surges. 

Can commercial electricians help with preventative maintenance? Likewise, can a commercial electrician help with preventative maintenance? There’s  repairing, which we addressed above. Does this mean that commercial electricians are  only a reactive profession? 

No, and preventative maintenance solutions are one of the hallmarks of a quality  contractor. Preventative maintenance helps to extend the life of your facility’s fixtures  and is a great way to control rising costs.

What qualifications should a commercial electrician have? 

Finally, what qualifications should a commercial electrician have? They need to have  analytical thinking skills to solve complex problems. They should always have a strong  and dependable work ethic, treating each customer with the utmost respect. Their  integrity should be without question, and they should receive full licensing and training  within their industry. 

A team of Columbus, Ohio commercial electricians 

R&T Yoder Electric has been providing commercial electrician services to Columbus,  Ohio and the surrounding communities since 2004. Our team is fully certified and  trained to handle a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. Each Yoder Electric  employee is equipped with the qualifications you would expect from a trained  commercial electrician.  

Would you like to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your  facility? Then visit our Contact page and send us a message or give our office a call at  (614) 368-7206.

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