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We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the past two decades, providing an extensive catalog of electrical services to Columbus-area residents ever since. Our company offers local homeowners extensive pool and hot tub electrical services in addition to our spa electrician services.

Adding this backyard addition to your property often causes homeowners to ask a handful of questions. These questions often dive into the specific types of electrical systems and setups that the typical spa requires. After all, spas require power, and everyone knows that water and

electricity do not mix. Concerned homeowners want to keep their family and friends safe, which is one of the main reasons many choose to contract the services of a spa electrician.

The Yoder Electric team has some of the most qualified spa electricians in Central Ohio. We enjoy partnering with homeowners to help them set up their spa’s power system, whether we meet with them before, during, or after the unit’s installation.

Our experience as a residential spa electrician

First, let’s unpack our company’s extensive experience as a Columbus-area spa electrician. Did you know that our founders, Rod and Tina had over twenty years of experience before they decided to start R&T Yoder Electric? That decision in 2004 to form a brand new company has since proven itself essential to our community. Today, almost twenty years later Yoder is known as the premier provider of any type of commercial or residential electrical service.

When you add it all up, it means that our company offers close to forty years of experience in the electrical industry. Training and education are a high priority for our team, and Rod and Tina have worked tirelessly to ensure each Yoder Electric team member is well-versed in all required skills. This includes extensive knowledge and experience in installing residential spas across Central Ohio.

We believe that the team we’ve built and the processes we have in place help to make Yoder Electric the premier choice for electrical services throughout Central Ohio. Each of our spa electricians receives thorough training and is fully licensed for your spa electrical installation project.

In addition, we’ve offered our spa electrician virtually since the beginning of our company. That means not only are we incredibly adept but each member of our team has an in-depth understanding of the electrical needs that a swim or regular spa could need.

What is the difference between a swim spa and a regular spa?

Do you have a smaller yard or would you like to have both a spa and a swimming pool but lack the space for everything? That’s where a swim spa might be right for you.

First, let’s define a spa. Some use the terms “hot tub” and “spa” interchangeably, though they are technically distinctly different units. In fact, some will refer to a luxury “destination” as a spa, such as one at a salon or a part of a hotel resort.

So let’s be clear: when we say “spa”, we’re referring to a tub filled with water that most commonly sits outside — not inside of your home or in a garage. Instead, a spa refers to a permanent fixture. A little-known fact that highlights the difference between a spa and a hot tub is the former is larger, offering the capability for more seating. In addition, to be considered a spa the unit must have built-in jets. Furthermore, a spa is much like a pool in that it can be either an above-ground or in-ground setup. Finally, spas often have advanced features, blend seamlessly with your home’s design, and often have massage-based features (hence the “spa” connotation from the resort component we mentioned a few moments ago).

For comparison, hot tubs can be either portable or semi-permanent. They’re often made of acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl materials and even come in inflatable varieties. Inflatable hot tubs are most commonly sold at your big box retailers whereas a semi-permanent hot tub typically is sold via an online store or your local pool retailer.

So now let’s loop back to our initial question: what is a swim spa? Essentially, it’s a larger version of a traditional spa. It offers enough space for a single person to swim in, utilizing resistance-based jets to keep you afloat, making you feel as if you’re in a swimming pool. As we mentioned, this can be a great alternative for those short on space or those who want the features of both a pool and a spa but can only choose one.

A few thoughts on installing a spa on your property

Yoder Electric has extensive experience in our nearly forty years in the electrical industry. Because of this, we’ve learned and developed multiple best practices regarding the correct installation of a spa on your property.

First, it’s ideal to have your spa already installed before a Yoder electrician arrives. Yes, we understand that this isn’t always feasible. However, by doing so, it allows us to maximize your time and expedite the setup of your spa.

In addition, another option to consider is our Design-Build services. This is where we help owners from the beginning, planning with them their power needs and how the power to your spa will be run. As a part of this, we’ll ensure you have the right type of power supply, including the potential for sub-panels. This is especially helpful if your spa will be a part of a larger backyard project, including the installation of an in-ground pool.

Do all types of spas need a spa electrician?

While there are different types of spas, including the aforementioned swim spa and traditional options, the next logical question is if the power setup for them would require the assistance of a licensed spa electrician.

The answer is simple: yes. While other contracting companies can and will install the spa unit itself, running the necessary power to your spa is a very detailed process. Generally speaking, there are very few times a homeowner should do this on their own.

Rather, because all spas need power, ensuring you have the right type of power setup safety is more intensive than simply tapping into your current wiring for a basic 120-volt outlet. In addition, the preferred spot for your spa may be too far from your existing wiring. This may require trenching and backfilling.

Four reasons to hire a spa electrician

So whether you have a swim spa or a traditional spa, whether you have a three-person unit or one that fits a full family, there are a wide variety of reasons to hire a spa electrician. Those include:

Safety and Repairability. Spas are complex machines designed to provide us with an amazing, luxurious experience from the safety of our homes. Of course, that last word should stick out to each of us: safety. Spas can be difficult to repair, yes, but it starts with setting them up correctly from the beginning.

Power Needs. Most spas require a 220-volt hookup. Beyond that, however, is the need to continually keep the water at a consistent temperature. In order to protect your family as well as ensure the spa functions as intended, utilizing a spa electrician is the best way to ensure your power needs are met properly.

Sub-panel and wiring. Not every breaker box or fuse box can handle the power needs of a spa. For that reason, a spa electrician will sometimes need to install a sub-panel for your spa. This will help to ensure that your circuit system doesn’t get overloaded despite the power demands from your new backyard retreat setup.

Bonding. Also due to the increased power needs, spas need to be properly bonded to your home’s power system correctly. Bonding ensures that power connections are fully intertwined and that there is no cause for concern with them.

Spa electrician services F.A.Q.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve encountered a wide variety of situations and questions. Those have helped us refine both our skills and knowledge of how to help homeowners with all of their electrical needs.

Specifically, with spa electrician services, we’ve run into a handful of common questions revolving around spa installations. As always, if there’s a question you have beyond these, we’d be more than happy to answer those questions for you. And if you’d like to dive deeper into these, again just let us know.

But for now, here are the most common questions and answers from the Yoder Electric team and our experiences with our customers.

Because of their extensive knowledge and experience, a spa electrician can perform many residential electrician tasks. However, let’s look at the two primary concerns a spa electrician will have when it comes to helping a homeowner.

The first is safety. A spa electrician should have an extensive understanding of how to power your spa correctly. This serves an underlying, and critical purpose: to keep your family safe while using your spa.

As a part of that, a spa electrician should have the necessary know-how to trench and backfill all lines. This can be from a structure, such as a shed, or to your home where they’ll often bind it to your existing electrical infrastructure.

The second concern is efficiency. A spa electrician will also understand a variety of other types of electrical tasks, including ongoing maintenance. They will be able to perform inspections as a part of an annual service contract.

There is quite a bit that goes into correctly setting up the power system for a spa. Don’t forget that safety is a top concern, and as we mentioned, water and electricity do not mix. When a spa electrician installs the power lines for your spa, they’ll be focused on keeping all electrical components clear of splashing water. In addition, this type of home project will typically require a permit and a sign-off from a local electrical inspector.

It’s for these reasons that we do not believe a handy homeowner should ever attempt to DIY their spa setup. Rather, the safest option will always be to hire a spa electrician. They will know

how to perform the installation safely, correctly, and in compliance with all state and local regulations.

Sometimes, there is a difference between what a company can do and what they have the capability to do. Let’s unpack that in more detail.

First, we believe that any electrician should understand how to trench and backfill all power lines. They should know how to connect them correctly to the control panel and how to protect those lines from the surrounding, up to and including the use of the unit itself.

Second, while some companies may know how to perform trenching and backfilling, not all of them will have the necessary tools to do so. They will have either invested in a trencher or a mini excavator that will allow them to perform this task for the homeowner.

Rod and Tina recognized from the beginning that this would be a necessary service. That’s why we have all of the necessary equipment to trench and backfill lines, including a mini excavator and a traditional trencher.

Columbus, Ohio’s best spa electrician

Rod and Tina are both proud of the team we’ve built here at Yoder Electric. Currently, we have over 60 active employees and have plans to continue growing in the next several years.

We provide spa electrician services throughout Central Ohio including the neighboring communities of Dublin, Delaware, Springfield, Pickerington, Grove City, as well as both the Polaris and Easton areas. However, regardless of wherever you live in Central Ohio, your choice for spa electrician services is the team at Yoder Electric!

Are you interested in learning more about our services or do you have a specific question for your spa electricians? If so, then send us a message via our Contact page HERE. You can also call us directly at 614-206-5401. We can’t wait to meet you, learn more about your spa project, and help you build the backyard of your dreams!

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