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R&T Yoder Electric has been actively providing various types of electrical services throughout our region since 2004. In addition to our extensive pool and spa electrical services, we also offer the similarly-related hot tub electrician services.

As more area homeowners add hot tubs to their properties, there have been many questions raised surrounding the proper installation of the necessary electrical systems that hot tubs require. Not everyone is handy with an electrical system, which is why many choose to contract the services of a hot tub electrician. This can be before, during, and after they install their hot tubs and applies to both portable and semi-permanent hot tub styles.

Yoder Electric has some of the best and brightest hot tub electricians in the area. We’re proud of the team we’ve built with over 60 active employees and plan to continue growing in the years to come.

Our experience as a residential hot tub electrician

As the area’s expert hot tub electricians, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners across our region with this process and can’t wait to help you with yours as well. Before Rod and Tina founded Yoder Electric, they had worked in the electrical industry for over twenty years. Then, in 2004 they decided to branch out and form Yoder.

That means they have just under forty years of experience and have worked tirelessly to ensure each Yoder Electric employee can benefit from their vast knowledge. This includes extensive experience installing residential hot tubs across Central Ohio.

In fact, we’re confident that you won’t find a more qualified hot tub electrician in the Columbus region. Each member of our team is fully licensed, trained, and insured, ready to provide you with whatever type of electrical installation service you need.

Furthermore, hot tub electrician services have been a part of our service lineup for many years. We are incredibly adept and well-versed in understanding hot tub electrical needs.

A few thoughts on installing a hot tub on your property

There are a handful of things we’ve learned through our experience surrounding the proper setup and installation of hot tubs. Both of them are focused on process efficiency.

First, while we recognize that this isn’t always possible, it’s often helpful if your hot tub is already installed before our electricians arrive. This will allow us to maximize your time and get your hot tub up and running as fast as possible. Otherwise, if you set up the hot tub after we leave, you run the risk that the location is wrong, your power needs are insufficient, or you need additional lines run that you didn’t plan for.

One more thing about our efficiency: don’t overlook the value of our Design-Build services. If you’re looking for assistance with the planning of your hot tub installation, we can meet with you early on and establish the layout of your power needs before anyone breaks ground. Perhaps with a portable hot tub, you will want to use it in different locations throughout the year. We can ensure you have the right type of outlet in each of the potential locations. Or maybe your hot tub will be a part of a larger background oasis-type experience, including a beautiful in-ground pool. We can work with you so that everything works together seamlessly.

What makes a hot tub different from a spa?

As we offer both hot tub electrician services as well as spa electrician services, this is as good of a time as any to address the differences between the two types of backyard additions. After all, the marketing for both of these is often used interchangeably. Officially, however, there are several distinct differences.

Generally speaking, a spa is a permanent fixture. It’s larger, offering more seating. A spa will always have built-in jets and can be either an above-ground or in-ground unit.

On the other hand, a hot tub can be both portable and semi-permanent. In terms of materials, hot tubs are made from either acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl. They can be as simple as an inflatable unit, often sold at big box store retailers. Alternatively, you can purchase a semi permanent hot tub from a local pool and spa retailer.

To say it another way, a spa is a more luxurious version of a hot tub. Think of the difference between a Lexus and a Toyota for comparison. The former is a more luxurious version of the latter.

Do portable hot tubs need a hot tub electrician?

So with the simpler nature of a hot tub, let’s address the two primary types individually. First, we’ll look at portable hot tubs. Do these need the assistance of a hot tub electrician?

The answer is, “It depends.” It doesn’t take any special tools to install these kinds of hot tubs up. Even those with the most basic level of skill can set up this type of hot tub. And since they’re inflatable, they’re meant to be seasonal. You wouldn’t want to leave one up all the time, especially during some of the more frigid Ohio winter months.

Nevertheless, they still need power. Yes, setting the hot tub itself up is relatively simple. Ensuring you have the proper type of power to run the unit is a different matter entirely. Most often, you’ll need access to a nearby power supply, though usually no more power intensive than your standard home outlet.

However, not every home has an outside wall outlet. In addition, the ideal spot for your hot tub may be too far from an outside outlet. Some older homes only have one outside outlet, in the middle of their patio or near the garage for a couple of examples.

Here is where you’ll need help from a hot tub electrician: when it comes time to install a suitably-located outside power supply. It would even be a good idea to have your hot tub electrician install several outside outlets for you so that you can take advantage of the portability factor of this type of hot tub.

Do semi-permanent hot tubs need a hot tub electrician?

So what about semi-permanent hot tubs: do they need assistance from a hot tub electrician? In almost every case, the answer will be a resounding yes. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you’ll need a hot tub electrician to help you with your hot tub’s power needs.

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Safety. Water and electricity should be kept as far apart as possible. While hot tubs are less splash-intensive than spas, there will always be a risk that something could go wrong. Utilizing the services of a licensed hot tub electrician will ensure that your family stays safe while using your new hot tub.

Power. Most hot tubs require a 220-volt hookup. These are less common than standard outlets. You’ll likely need a professional to install this for you correctly.

Power, part 2. Some hot tubs even require a 240-volt heater. Have you factored in the cost of this to your monthly power bill? There may be some efficiency savings if you work with a hot tub electrician who can maximize your system’s setup for you.

Sub-panel and wiring. It’s highly likely that your current wiring setup is not compatible or is currently at capacity. You may need a sub-panel to ensure your hot tub’s power needs are sufficiently provided for.

Bonding. This is a type of grounding that adheres to higher safety standards. For a portable hot tub, this isn’t much of a concern. But for a semi-permanent hot tub with higher power requirements, you’re going to want to make certain it’s set up the way the manufacturer and your local power company require. Both of these should be handled by a professional hot tub electrician.

The most common hot tub electrician services F.A.Q.

While we’re always willing to answer any questions, we’ve also run into a handful of common questions revolving around hot tub installations. If there’s something beyond these you’d like to know, or if you’d like to dive deeper into any number of these FAQs, just let us know and we’ll gladly go over the answers with you.

Otherwise, here are the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years and our answers to each of them.

A hot tub electrician can perform a wide variety of tasks as they’re always going to be certified in various other areas in the electrical industry. However, because we’re focusing on their hot tub-related knowledge, let’s look at the most important item first.

That, of course, is safety and compliance. A hot tub electrician will understand how to provide power to your hot tub while keeping your family safe at all times. They’ll also install sub-panels or additional outside outlets (if necessary) so that your power needs are fully met.

Beyond that, a hot tub electrician will typically be able to trench and backfill buried power lines. While this is less common with portable hot tub scenarios, it can still be the case that you may need them to trench and backfill lines from a detached structure (such as a shed or garage) to the preferred location of your hot tub. Safely running these is of the utmost importance during the installation process.

And because a hot tub electrician is a licensed electrical expert, after the installation is completed they perform maintenance tasks. This can include an annual inspection as a part of a residential service contract and the repair of any components as needed.

We’ve previously discussed the scenario where a hot tub setup may not require the services of a hot tub electrician. This is primarily with an inflatable hot tub and assuming you don’t need any additional outlets.

However, there is quite a bit that goes into electrical systems. As we mentioned, safety is always a concern since there’s the entire issue of water to consider. Keeping your hot tub related electrical components clear from any splashing water is vitally important to your family’s safety.

In addition, many large-scale electrical projects require both permits and inspections from your local officials, signing off on the work. Generally speaking, trenching and backfilling will fall under this category.

So a handy homeowner can DIY their hot tub install if all of the conditions are perfect. In most cases, however, they won’t be and it’s far safer to rely on a member of the Yoder Electric team for assistance.

A licensed hot tub electrician should have the skills and know-how to trench and backfill power lines from your hot tub to your home.

However, not all firms are equipped with this service. If they don’t have the necessary tools, they may have to outsource this. This, of course then begs the question, what are they actually doing for you in the first place?

Here at Yoder Electric, we have a mini excavator for larger projects and a trencher for smaller ones. As a full-service electrician firm, we trench and backfill as necessary, using the tools we’ve invested in to properly bury your power lines. With Yoder, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken every precaution to keep your family safe and secure.

Columbus, Ohio’s best hot tub electrician

Yoder Electric is proud to be a hot tub electrician serving Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Pickerington, Gahanna, Springfield, London, Dayton, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Regardless of which one of our communities you live in, we’re here to help. When you need hot tub electrician services, look no further than the experts at Yoder Electric. We guarantee that your hot tub’s electrical system is set up and installed properly.

Would you like to learn more or do you have a question for our team? Then visit our Contact page HERE to get the number of your local sales office. You can also give our main phone a call at 614-206-5401. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your electrical needs!

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