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As energy prices continue to rise, ways of reducing our dependence on traditional power sources will become front and center. One of those methods is to install solar panels on your property. It’s an option that’s been around for a long time and continues to gain traction as we all become more aware of the impact we have on the environment.

As Columbus’s best solar energy contractor, we’ve worked with many homeowners across our region to help them set up solar panel systems for their homes. This is a trend that will continue to rise in the coming years, and a service we look forward to providing to even more homeowners as the industry continues to grow.

Two types of solar panel systems

When a homeowner decides that they want to add solar panels to their property, it’s more than just another feature. It’s an investment in their future, an investment in their home’s value, and an investment into their personal finances.

As an investment in their future, it’s ensuring that regardless of what happens to the local power grid, their home will continue to have power. For example, if Ohio gets hit by another major ice storm and we experience severe power outages, a home with a solar panel system will be protected from this problem.

While we’ll discuss this further in a bit, homes with solar panel systems installed by a professional solar energy contractor often see significantly increased property values. And of course, any short-term costs incurred through solar panel installation today will pay off in the long run with savings tomorrow.

To that end, there are two primary types of solar panel systems. The first is the more common option: roof-mounted solar panels. The second is often thought of as exclusive to commercial facilities or those living in the country: ground-mounted solar panel systems.

Each type of solar panel offers significant energy savings and value to the homeowner. As we mentioned, most homes that have solar panel systems utilize roof-mounted systems. Alternatively, a ground-mounted system doesn’t have to be excessively large. Rather, all it needs is clear access to the sun to provide power to your home.

Do ground-mounted solar panels

Need a solar energy contractor?

Leading off of that, can a homeowner install their solar panel system on their own? We’d hesitate to say yes. In fact, there are several advantages to utilizing the services of a solar panel contractor. Those range from the reliability that comes with a professional installation to ensuring your home’s wiring is set up correctly.

In some cases, solar panel systems are meant to act as a companion to receiving power from your power grid. If the expectation is to fully replace your dependence on the power company, you will need a substantially large space to ensure you have enough panels for your home’s power needs.

However, regardless of your goal, both of these will require a professionally licensed solar panel technician. In Columbus, some homes are extremely close together. Ground-based systems will be entirely dependent on how much backyard room you have. Who can set up and install this best? The answer is easy: a solar panel contractor. In Dublin or other suburbs, homeowners often have enough space for a larger field. In any case, the wiring and bonding of a solar panel system will require intricate knowledge of how to ensure your home remains safe and is set up properly.

So yes, ground-mounted solar panels need the assistance of a solar energy contractor.

Do roof-mounted solar panels need a solar energy contractor?

Likewise, roof-mounted solar panel systems would also need the assistance of a solar energy contractor. As with ground-based systems, these would need to be wired in properly to ensure there are no feedback loops or other safety hazards when utilizing power from both your solar panels and the power company.

The expertise and experience of a professional solar panel contractor will help to make this installation an easy one for your home. And with decades of experience behind us, Yoder Electric is the region’s best source for this type of service.

The top six reasons to have a solar energy contractor install solar panels on your property

If you’re a handy individual, we get it. There is a general sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with installing or fixing something involving your home. We commend your resourcefulness and admire your resilience here. However, there are nevertheless six additional reasons to have a solar energy contractor install your solar panel system. Some of these are practical; others are more complex.

In both cases, we again encourage you to take this process seriously and trust the experts at Yoder Electric for your solar panel installation needs.

Homes with solar panel systems sell for more money

Earlier, we mentioned that solar panels can help to raise your property value. However, as with any home renovation, property value increase will often be dependent on whether the project has a verifiable service record.

For example, a homeowner can market their home as “fully rewired” and “fully re-plumbed” if they choose to tackle those jobs on their own. However, were both of those tasks signed off on by a municipality official or inspector? If not, they may not provide the R.O.I. that the homeowner was expecting.

However, when performed by a licensed professional, such as a solar energy contractor, those critical steps will always be followed through on. This means that there’s a history with the upgrade and can make the home much more valuable if you were to choose to sell your property.

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Reduce or eliminate your monthly utility bills

Depending on the size of your solar panel system, you may be able to significantly reduce — or even eliminate entirely — your monthly power utility bill. Think of the long-term savings this would provide to your finances.

Take a minute and think about every facet of your home that uses power. Your computer, your kids’ electronics, the lights, even your electric razor: each draws power throughout the day. Now, think back to just ten years ago. How many fewer devices did you have?

If you’ve been wondering why your power bill is so high, it’s simply because your consumption is significantly higher. And as we add more devices, the so-called Internet of Things SMART home focus will continually lead to greater power needs.

Now, picture a source of renewable energy powering each of them. This source of power will always be there and doesn’t cost you a dime to consume. If your kids leave the lights on in a closet for six months, no worries. Your solar panels are providing power to that bulb.

Simply put, having a solar energy contractor install a field of solar panels takes your reliance off of the local power grid. By doing so, your energy costs drop significantly. And if you have the capacity for it, your solar panel field may even be able to eliminate your dependence on the utility company 100%

Protect yourself against the risk of huge increases in electricity prices, both from disasters and inflation

Let’s approach your power bill from another perspective. Everyone knows, perhaps painfully so over the past few years, about the impact inflation has on our monthly expenses. Food prices are up, textiles cost more, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see gas below $2 ever again (which is a great reason to switch to an EV with a home EV charger).

Likewise, energy costs will continue to climb. Some of this is inflation-related: as more money enters circulation, it takes more money to buy stuff.

In other cases, utility companies have to protect their investment and recoup some of their operating costs. Do you remember the effects of the severe ice storm from the mid-2000s? Some parts of Ohio were without power for up to a week.

Who do you think paid for those repairs? Have you ever wondered why you pay a monthly “connection fee” even if you use very little power? Those fees help cover utility companies’ operating costs, including storm repair.

Imagine the price increase from another ice storm of that magnitude or some of the intensive wind storms from the 2010s.

By having your own power grid, you can reduce the impact these price increases will have on your household budget both today and in the long term. And, to protect your investment, a solar energy contractor is necessary to guarantee the system functions as intended.

Protect your energy needs against the risks of our deteriorating power grid

The power outages of 2021 in Texas made national headlines. Will the same thing happen one day here in Ohio? We hope not, but the simple truth is that our power grid is operating on borrowed time. Aging infrastructure and capacity not meant to support current demands mean that the reliability of the grid could one day be in question.

Everyone has heard about the various heat waves that rocked parts of North America in recent years as well. It’s not unfathomable to imagine a situation where Ohio’s power grid, when faced with a similar heatwave, is unable to support our cooling needs.

However, if you have your own power grid, fueled by an infinite resource such as the sun, then this concern is significantly minimized (if not entirely eliminated) for your home. By trusting in the skills of a solar energy contractor, you can forget about our grid and focus now on what matters most: your family.

Combine a solar system with a backup generator for the ultimate in reliability

One of the concerns some have raised surrounding solar energy is overly cloudy conditions that impede system effectiveness. We understand those concerns, which is another reason why you should work with a solar energy contractor. For starters, they can help you ensure that your personal grid matches both your property’s layout and home’s power needs.

And second, the same solar energy contractor you work with should understand how to correctly install a backup generator.

Let’s address power concerns first. Yes, cloudy conditions are more common in Ohio during the winter months. And of course, during the spring rainy season, we often have a short time period or two of intensive cloud cover.

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However, you shouldn’t be as worried about cloud cover as the naysayers have made it out to be. Rather, the sun’s energy can still penetrate clouds — there’s a reason why healthcare experts encourage us to wear sunscreen during cloudy conditions. In addition, the type of clouds can depend on how much of the sun’s rays are reflected back into space.

So while the clouds will impact some solar panel energy production, they won’t eliminate it entirely. That’s where a backup generator can also come into play. Your solar energy contractor can also wire your home to utilize a backup generator for your essentials if there is ever a case of excessively long cloudy weather.

And one more consideration as well: most homes with solar panels do not disconnect themselves from the power grid. Rather, they use the local power company’s service as yet a third backup. In short, there should never be a reason why you’ll be without power by installing a solar panel system.

Go green

And finally, your solar energy contractor is helping you go green. Their expertise can help you ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency, which will reduce your household’s collective carbon footprint. By extension, your reliance on non-renewable energy sources will drop extensively, helping to promote a greener future for all!

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