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Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions

Parma, celebrated for its rich history, its closeness to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and lively local festivals, holds a dear spot in the heart of Yoder Electric. If you’re on the hunt for a residential electrician for home upgrades or a commercial electrician for your business, Yoder Electric is your trusted partner in Cuyahoga County.

Over the past few decades, Parma, Ohio has transformed from a quaint farming town to a thriving Cleveland suburb. Not only does Parma boast picturesque golf courses and dynamic headquarters for major corporations like General Motors and Cox Cable Television, but it’s also the proud home of Yoder Electric.

Since its inception in 2004, Yoder Electric has consistently expanded its array of services. Ranging from residential and commercial to industrial electrical tasks, we’ve grown in step with technological progress. As we strengthen our presence in the Parma community, our anticipation for the future continues to grow.

In recognition of Parma’s varied needs and tastes, we proudly provide the following services to the community:

Shocking Buisness Success

Hey there, Parma business owners! We’ve heard your city’s history is as rich as a chocolate fondue fountain, and we’re here to add a new chapter—one that’s powered by Yoder Electric’s top-notch commercial electrical services.

From the early days of “Greenbriar” to the bustling business landscape you see today, your story continues to electrify us.

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From Greenbriar to Bright Business: Parma's Evolution

Let’s start with a quick trip down memory lane. Back in the early 1800s, the land that now makes up Parma was known as “Greenbriar.” It had a rustic charm, with rambling bushes dotting the landscape like nature’s art installation.


Fast forward to today, and Parma is a thriving city, home to businesses of all sizes and industries. Just like Parma’s transformation, we’re here to transform your commercial spaces with our commercial electrical services.

Powering Up Your Business

Picture this: your business is humming along with efficient lighting, perfectly functioning appliances, and all the electrical systems running like a well-rehearsed orchestra.

That’s the magic we bring to the table—or, should we say, the outlet? Our team of skilled electricians knows the ins and outs of commercial electrical systems like nobody else. Whether it’s a retail store, an office space, or a restaurant, we’ve got you covered.

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Residential Services That'll Shock You

Let’s talk about our residential services, shall we? Who knew fixing wires could be this fun?

Whether it’s a flickering light or a mysterious electrical hiccup, we’ll swoop in with our tool belts and, more importantly, our witty one-liners. We promise your house will be brighter and your mood lighter by the time we’re done.

We know how crucial it is to keep your home running smoothly, so we’ll tackle those electrical hiccups faster than you can say “short circuit.”

Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions

Solar and More

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just your run-of-the-mill electricians. We’re here to introduce Parma to the world of solar installation and maintenance.

Can you imagine it? your home or business powered by the sun, and us giving you great customer service while we set up those solar panels. It’s like a stand-up comedy show with a side of environmental responsibility.

Pools and Spas

And hey, who needs a regular electrician when you can have a “pool electrician” and a “spa electrician”? What’s the difference? Well the latter can  help the outside of your house too. 

We’ll keep your pool parties lit and your spa sessions relaxing. We’re not just fixing wires; we’re enhancing your lifestyle, one electric service at a time.

Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions
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Data and Communication: Making Connections

We are bringing the world to Parma, one connection at a time. It’s time to keep your home connected with our data and communication services.

In this digital age, staying connected is crucial. Our data and communication solutions will keep your business seamlessly linked with the world. From setting up high-speed networks to ensuring smooth communication systems, we’ll make sure your business stays at the forefront of technological advancement.

Lights, Cameras, action, and Electricity!

Say goodbye to flickering lights and unexpected power outages that could put a dent in the way you run your home. Our repairs and services are designed to keep your home running smoothly. We’ll troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your electrical systems with a level of precision that’ll impress even the most finicky circuit.

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Brightening Your Bottom Line with Energy Efficiency

But that’s not all. We’re all about saving you money while making your home shine. Our energy-efficient solutions will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also cut down on your electricity bills.


From LED lighting installations to smart energy management systems, we’re on a mission to make your business more eco-friendly and wallet-friendly.

Customer Care That Shines Brighter: Illuminating Your Experience with Yoder Electric

When it comes to customer care, we’re not just flipping switches; we’re igniting connections that last. At Yoder Electric, we take immense pride in offering a customer care experience that’s more than just a transaction.

Our commitment to outstanding service isn’t just lip service; it’s as genuine as the journey of Parma’s transformation from “Greenbriar” to the thriving city you know today.

A Spark of Understanding

From the early settlers carving out a path in Greenbriar to today’s business owners shaping Parma’s landscape, each step matters. Our customer care approach acknowledges your story, your needs, and your aspirations.

We’re not here to simply fix wires; we’re here to understand your goals and tailor our services to empower your success.

Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions
Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions

Reliability That Stands the Test of Time

Much like the sturdy stone houses that weathered the years in Parma, our commitment to reliability is unwavering. When you choose Yoder Electric, you’re inviting a team of dedicated professionals who genuinely care about the quality of service they provide.

Just as Parma’s history is marked by landmarks that stood strong, our service stands the test of time, ensuring your electrical systems are built to last.

Partnership Beyond Service

Our commitment to customer care extends beyond the service call. We’re not content until you’re not just satisfied but delighted with the results.Our customer care embodies a partnership that goes beyond expectations.

From the moment you reach out to us for your electrical needs to the final handshake when the job is done, we want every interaction to be as electrifyingly positive as the stories etched into Parma’s timeline.

Parma Ohio electrical contractors, wiring solutions

Why Choose Yoder Electric?

Our dedication to customer care stems from a deep appreciation of Parma’s journey and a recognition of the businesses that contribute to its vibrant landscape.

We’re not here to meet expectations; we’re here to exceed them, adding a touch of warmth and personality that sets us apart.

So, when you choose Yoder Electric, you’re choosing a team that cares, listens, and works tirelessly to illuminate your business’s path to success.

Just as Parma’s history is a testament to growth and resilience, our customer care shines brighter to guide you through your business’s own journey of progress and achievement. Together, let’s create a story that’s as electrifying as the services we provide.

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