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Almost everyone who works in a factory loves annual shutdowns. That is, perhaps,  except for the facility managers who are responsible for the expansive industrial  maintenance tasks that lie ahead during this time. As those often come during critical  times of the year, you may be wondering how we can help during a plant shutdown.  Here are a handful of things to keep in mind when searching for the right industrial  contractor for your annual maintenance items. 

First, our team is committed to your operation 

Here’s where we need to be clear: we get it.  

What do we mean exactly? Simple: we get the pressure you are under. We understand  that what is a relaxing time for your employees can be a stressful time for you. There’s  a lot that goes into running an industrial facility, and as professional commercial  electricians in Columbus, we’ll do everything in our power to make this time as stress free as we can. 

In other words, we’re committed to you, to your operation, and to ensuring that things  run as expected when you start back up. 

Next, we can help replace control panels and other systems 

A plant shutdown is a great time to replace your dated or problematic control panels  and other systems. From installing new ones to troubleshooting your existing setup, we  will make certain that your facility has the right kind of electrical arrangement when you  resume operations. 

We can perform electrical inspections and wire in new devices While electrical inspections and reviews can be conducted at any time, sometimes the  most optimal time to do these are during a plant shutdown. With no employees in the  area and no machines running, it can be easier to diagnose any problem areas in your  facility. 

Plus, a shutdown is a great time to wire in any new devices. Instrumentation requires  the right kind of power and ensuring that your new equipment has what it needs can  be easily accomplished during a shutdown. 

Machinery, panels, logic controllers, and more 

Here is where our varied commercial electrician services can greatly benefit your  industrial operation. Our team can help with wiring in new machines, linking into your  electrical grid, setting up logic controllers, or helping with various types of relocations.  Leading off of that last one, if you need to move equipment from one area to the next,  we’ll ensure it has the power that it needs. And if you’re moving facilities, we’re here to  make that transition a breeze so that you can be up and going as soon as your  shutdown is over.  

We’re here to help during a plant shutdown

As a bonus consideration, our team can help with both the shutdown and start-up  process. We’ll make certain that everything is handled properly from start to finish so  that your overall maintenance experience is less of a headache and instead a relatively  pain-free experience.  

If you’re seeking commercial electrician assistance during a plant shutdown, you  should look to the region’s experts: R&T Yoder Electric. Let us know how we can help  your commercial or industrial facility with its upcoming shutdowns. We look forward to  working with you!

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