Prepping Your Outdoor Electrical System for Summertime Events

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Summer is coming soon, which means now is the perfect time to plan and prepare your outdoor electrical system for entertaining people. Whether you’re planning to host backyard barbecues or poppin’ pool parties, having reliable outdoor outlets will help you make your summertime fun both convenient and safe.

At Yoder Electric, we understand the importance of upgrading your outdoor power outlets to make sure everyone has a fun, safe time. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of upgrading your outdoor power outlets and how Yoder Electric can help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment space.

Planning with Your Electrician Ahead of Time

Before you make any major changes to your home’s outdoor electrical outlets, make a workable gameplan with your electrician. By having a professional inspect your property and consult you about your needs, you can make sure your backyard is up to the task of entertaining your friends and family all summer.

Whether you’re planning to upgrade your pool, spa, outdoor lights, or sound systems, talking to the team of experts at Yoder Electric will give you an idea of how many outlets you need and how much power they should put out. Additionally, if you have a pool or spa, it’s important to utilize the services of a specialized pool or spa electrician to keep all the electrical components in peak condition.

Upgrading to GFCI Outlets If Needed

When it comes to outdoor electrical safety, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are a game-changer. GFCI outlets provide protection against electrical shock in wet environments, making them essential for outdoor areas exposed to rain or located near pools and spas.

During the consultation with your electrician, discuss the possibility of upgrading existing outdoor outlets to GFCI outlets or installing new ones. If your electrician determines that you need this upgrade, you can rest in the knowledge that no matter how wet it gets in your yard (whether from pool-time fun or raging summer storms), your electrical system can handle it safely.

Installing Additional Outlets in Strategic Places

Having enough outdoor power outlets is key to accommodating all your electrical devices. Whether you need to set up lighting for ambiance, plug in fans to keep you cool, or turn the speakers up to blast your party music, installing outlets in strategic locations will help keep everything running smoothly.

Prep your yard for fun in the sun with Yoder Electric!

Upgrading your outdoor outlets can help you enhance your yard’s safety, convenience, and entertainment options for summer gatherings. At Yoder Electric, we have the expertise to help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment space. From assessing your power needs to upgrading your outlets to making your pools and spas safe to swim in, our professionals can help you every step of the way.

As you prepare your home for summer fun, contact Yoder Electric to make sure your system is ready for all your hosting needs.

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