3 reasons to call a residential electrician

Are you someone who enjoys a good DIY project? Many Central Ohio homeowners are  that way, preferring to work on their homes in their spare time. Some will hang their  drywall, others will install their plumbing, and others still will dare to rewire their home.  We only cautiously mentioned that last one, because you might be surprised how many  DIY electrical projects lead to a “DI-Why” outcome. From small things, such as loose  outlets to larger problems, such as letting electrical cable rest on the ceilings in a drop  tile, there are multiple reasons to call a residential electrician. Here are our top three  picks. 


Do you have a switch that doesn’t seem to do anything? Or do you keep tripping a  breaker with your appliances? Or do you have a light socket that seems to constantly  blow bulbs? 

All of these problems (and more) need the assistance of a professional electrical  technician to diagnose. It’s best if you call a residential electrician who specializes in  these kinds of problems and can help you both pinpoint and repair the source of the  problem. 

Professional installation and upgrades 

Do you remember those two examples we gave a few moments ago: electrical wire  resting on a drop ceiling’s tile and loose outlets? While these might not seem like a big  deal to some, the reality is both of those are safety hazards. 

A loose outlet can fall back into your drywall. A loose outlet could potentially start a  fire, depending on how the wires were run. And using ceiling tiles as the resting spot is  not an adequate method of installing new wiring. 

In case you’re wondering, yes, these are two real-life examples from the same home.  The homeowner purchased a “remodeled” home that was supposed to be fully rewired  and re-plumbed. Both needed extensive work to bring up to code. 

Simply put, the second reason to call a residential electrician is for professional  installations and upgrades. That same home lacked an adequately rated ceiling fan box in one of their bedrooms. When you call a residential electrician, these small details will not be  overlooked. 

Adequate power needs 

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself: 

• Do you have plans to install a pool or hot tub soon? 

• Have you added more electrical devices to your home? 

• Did you receive an air fryer for Christmas? 

• Does your home have outside outlets in the right spaces? 

• How old is your breaker box

• Do you have any sub-panels?

• Is your garage attached or detached? 

That was a lot, and they’re only a sampling of the reasons to call a residential  electrician. Each of those questions revolves around a single concept: adequate power  needs. 

For example, running your air fryer on the same circuit as your microwave will often  lead to your breaker tripping. Yet, when your home was initially wired, you probably  didn’t have both of those appliances. A professional residential electrician can help you  with your circuit layout. 

When you need to call a residential electrician, look to R&T Yoder Electric That’s where our team comes in. We’ll help you with each of these situations, whether  you need troubleshooting, new fixture installation or rewiring, or simply have problems  with your current power supply. Contact us to let us know your situation and we’ll  follow up ASAP with more info!

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