3 Ways to Optimize Your Electrical System for Remote Work

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As part of transitioning from an office job to hybrid or remote work, many homeowners realize that the home office and its electrical system need some TLC. After all, you can’t charge your laptop or power your desk lamp unless your wiring and outlets are safe.

In today’s blog, we’re going to walk you through different ways to brighten your office, protect your PCs and printers from power surges, and more.

1. Always use surge protectors.

Working from home is not for the weak, especially if you’re running your business with one hand while holding your baby in the other. Hard-working people like you deserve electricity that works just as hard, but sometimes accidents happen. That’s why you need surge protectors.

Picture this: You’re in the middle of an important call with your boss when a thunderstorm strikes. Suddenly, a lightning bolt outside triggers a power surge that crashes your computer, booting you out of the meeting and costing you precious time as you struggle to reboot and get back in. Surge protectors are here to protect you and your computer from scenarios like this.

Surge protectors guard your precious devices from voltage spikes, ensuring your phone, computer, printer, and other gadgets essential to your workflow remain unscathed. By building a fortress of surge protectors around your electronics, you can keep working no matter what the weather’s like.

2. Brighten your office, brighten your mind.

If you’ve ever worked long into the night to meet a deadline at work, then you know the struggle of trying to focus in a dimly lit room. A dark office leaves you squinting at your screen, straining your eyes, and giving yourself a nasty headache.

The power of electricity can transform your home office into a cozy workspace that’s easy on your eyes. Consider upgrading to LED desk lamps that provide bright, focused lighting that fills the room while being energy-efficient. 

A well-lit office is the secret weapon of a focused and inspired mind. So whether you switch to new light bulbs or call Yoder Electric to revamp your system as part of a remodel, you can rest assured that your office will provide all the light you need.

3. Have a wireless router on-hand for emergencies.

Spotty Internet is the last thing a remote worker needs. If your router is plugged in during a nasty storm, it could get knocked out during a power surge or outage.

Keeping a wireless travel router on-hand is perfect for these emergency situations. That way no matter what happens, you can get right back on your Zoom calls and get your projects done on-time. You can find lots of different options on Amazon.

Optimize your work-from-home experience with Yoder Electric!

Whether you want to install new light fixtures or more heavy-duty protection from power surges, Yoder Electric is here to help. Yoder Electric can advise you on surge protectors, the electrical side of remodeling your home office, and more. Our goal is to show you what options you have to create a well-lit work-from-home set-up. Contact us today to learn more!

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