3 Ways to Protect Your Electronics During a Power Surge

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Imagine this: it’s a cold, dark, rainy night, and you’re happily watching Netflix on the couch. One minute you’re watching your favorite show, and the next, a sudden power surge cuts you off mid-episode.

The inconvenience from having power surges ruin your electronics is unmatched. It’s time to take charge and protect your electronics from getting damaged in power surges. 

1. Unplug things when it’s stormy out.

We don’t need to tell you how expensive electronics are. They also hold a lot of personal information. So why risk the damage a power surge can cause?

Do yourself a favor and keep your most sensitive devices safe during storms by simply unplugging them. As a rule of thumb, the voltage from lightning is always higher than what your devices can handle. So, if you know a storm is coming, it’s time to disconnect your devices. 

2. Plug your devices into surge protectors.

Surge protectors are fairly small, but they have a big impact on protecting electronics. They stand between your devices and storm-induced spikes in electrical output. The best part is that they’re cheap, you can find them anywhere, and you can use them anywhere in your house.

3. Get a whole-house surge protector installed.

Even if you are using one power surge correctly, there are many devices in your house to account for. Even a small power surge could lead to damage to your equipment over time. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to implement a whole-house power surge?

A whole house surge redirects excess electricity into the ground before it even enters your home. Best of all, they are designed to protect all your devices, so you can rest easy during the darkest times.

Call Yoder Electric to protect your home and devices!

Preventing power surges from damaging your electronics may sound like an uphill battle, but armed with the right knowledge and the power of a good professional, you can turn your home into a zap-free zone.

By taking these practical precautions and calling Yoder Electric for routine preventative maintenance, you’ll ensure that your electronics remain resilient, leaving you free to enjoy your favorite show without any shocking interruptions!

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