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For as long as most of us can remember, there is the classic dilemma of home  ownership: should I DIY this project myself or should I call a professional? The drive to  take control of the things you own is commendable. However, with your electrical  system, it’s often best to work with a trained professional. Wondering why this is the  case? Here are four reasons to call an electrician. 

You’re planning home renovations 

Tearing out plaster or drywall might seem like a simple project (relatively speaking —  drywall can be a pain). However, do you know how your home is wired exactly? Would  you like to add additional outlets in whatever room you’re remodeling?  

These are simple solutions. In a more complex scenario, If you’re adding on to your  home, that involves Day One planning with a trained residential electrician. Likewise, if  you’re adding an attached garage, there are specific electrical concerns with that type  of project. 

Simply put, if you’re planning home renovations of any kind, you will want to call an  electrician. 

You need electrical troubleshooting 

Do you have an outlet that is loose or falls into the wall? Or do you have a switch that  doesn’t seem to do anything? How about a part of your home that seems to constantly  trip the breaker for that particular circuit? 

Each of these can be a DIY project to diagnose, troubleshoot, or repair. However, it’s  far more effective and efficient to call an electrician. Not only are they properly trained  to handle these types of situations, but they can also ensure that your home is up to  standard and in compliance with local ordinances. 

You’re adding a backyard feature 

In a previous blog, we talked about how to power a DETACHED STRUCTURE.  Elsewhere on our site, we’ve also talked about the power needs for backyard features  such as hot tubs, spas, or pools. These parts of your home often require the installation  of secondary electrical panels. As another example, if you’re adding a home-based EV  charger, you will need assistance ensuring that it can handle your vehicle’s power  needs. 

All of these additions to your home are yet another reason to call an electrician. 

It’s time for an electrical system upgrade 

The final reason to call an electrician is if it’s time for any kind of electrical system  upgrade in your home. Aging wiring, older fuse boxes, and even some types of breaker  boxes should be professionally updated. A DIY project with these may reveal  previously hidden headaches in your home that a trained electrician can handle with  ease.

When you need to call an electrician, we’re the region’s choice Wherever you’re based in Ohio, whether Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, or somewhere in  between, look no further than the team at Yoder Electric. We can investigate or assist  with the electrical details regardless of the size of the project you’re planning. 

Visit our Contact page here to get in touch with your local Yoder Electric office, or call  our main sales department today to get started at (614) 992-7856.

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