8 Tips for Teaching Children Electrical Safety

Electrical safety isn’t a topic you want to spark boredom in your children. So, how can you make it engaging and straightforward in a way that your child will understand? 

Yoder Electric is here with a guide on teaching your children about electrical safety and ensuring they stay safe and savvy around all things electric.

1. Start by explaining how electricity works.

Begin by explaining what electricity is and how it helps power their gadgets in and around homes. Show them the magic of switches and outlets and ensure they understand where the power comes from.

2. Train them to turn the lights off when they leave the room.

This part is twofold: first, tape down any switches you don’t want them touching. Second, teach them to turn the lights off when they’re done. This will help the whole family with the electricity bill.

Switching off lights and appliances when they’re not in use will keep things electrically sound and keep those energy bills as low as possible, which is music to any parent’s ears.

3. Stress the dangers of yanking plugs out of the outlet.

Explain that cords are fragile; if you pull on them too hard or jam them into the socket incorrectly, you’ll do permanent damage and risk getting shocked. This can help present serious injuries that could cause and create electrical hazards.

4. Explain the dangers of water and electricity.

From the onset, ensure that children know the dangers of water and electricity and that they don’t mix. Stress the importance of never touching electrical devices with wet hands and keeping water far away from any outlet.

5. For younger kids, childproof everything.

Children have to understand that electrical outlets are not toys. Teach them never to stick anything into an outlet. For children too young to know better, find childproof outlet covers and use them on any outlet in their reach.

6. Show them how to treat wires with respect.

Reiterate that they must treat wires carefully and never yank them roughly from the wall. Remind them that these wires bring power to their favorite gadgets, and if they break them, they won’t be able to use them.

7. Show them what to do in an emergency.

Talk about what to do in case of a fire and that they should never use water on an electrical fire.  Remind them that it’s essential to call 911 and let the firefighters do what they do best. Make sure the information is age-appropriate. 

8. Quiz them regularly to ensure they remember.

Prepare a little safety quiz to underline what they’ve learned. Try to make it as fun as possible and even offer rewards and prizes for their correct answers.

Electrical safety doesn’t always have to be a dull lecture; you can change that around by turning it into an engaging and straightforward conversation with your children. You’ll ensure they absorb the critical lessons. Yoder Electric believes in sparking curiosity and keeping children safe. So embrace these tips and make electrical safety a part of your family’s everyday knowledge.

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