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It’s absolutely critical for every property owner to be cognizant of their electrical system this time of year, because springtime electrical maintenance can go a long way to protect properties during extreme summer heat waves. 

The Columbus, OH electricians at Yoder Electric have provided the following electrical system checklist for Americans across the country to keep in mind in order to protect their properties from subsequent harm this summer. 

So below is a comprehensive springtime electrical system checklist: 

Changing Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Batteries 

Everyone understands the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but a lot of homeowners forget to change their detector batteries on a regular basis. 

If an alarm doesn’t go off when testing these detectors, it’s a clear red flag that the batteries need to be replaced. Although carbon monoxide detectors tend to last for several years, it’s always a good idea to check these detectors during the springtime when there’s still time prior to more extreme outdoor air temperatures.

Inspecting Outlets, Electrical Cords & Sockets 

It’s also important for property owners to inspect any extension cords and outlets that haven’t been used in several months this time of year. Singed or discolored outlets are a serious warning sign indicating faulty or outdated wiring. This is a serious electrical red flag, because it can be an early indication of an electrical fire hazard. 

Old outlets should also be replaced with GFCI outlets, because this will help property owners prevent circuit breaker trips and electrical shocks. 

Checking Electrical Appliances 

All of a home or commercial property’s appliances should be properly plugged into GFCI outlets in order to maintain surge protection, and this is particularly important for washers, dryers, refrigerators and HVAC systems. 

Springtime is a wonderful time of year to inspect a property’s most valuable appliances and ensure their overall working conditions.

Cleaning Out Air Filters & Vents 

Every home and business owner also needs to thoroughly clear out any dust and debris from their HVAC system’s air filters and vents. Pollen is a huge issue this time of year in many parts of the US, and this can cause significant clogs in a property’s most important filters. 

It’s also crucial for property owners to inspect their indoor and outdoor vents to make sure these spaces are completely free of any obstructions. 

Surveying A Property’s Exterior 

A lot of people forget just how important their property’s exterior is, because it truly is just as important as a home or commercial building’s interior. This is a good time of year for property owners and managers to survey their outdoor outlets. 

It’s also the right time of year to inspect outdoor lighting fixtures and verify whether or not last winter’s weather imposed any damages. The same goes for any yard equipment and tools that may have been left out over the winter season. 

Springtime is also an important time for home landscaping, and properly trimming trees and bushes can be crucial towards protecting electrical wires. 

Scheduling A Professional Energy Audit 

Home and business owners everywhere are becoming more cognizant of their overall energy output, and this is a good time of year to get a professional energy audit to really understand what types of improvements can be made in terms of energy conservation and decreasing utility bills. 

2023’s Summer Will Likely Be Scorching, So The Time Is Now To Protect Residential & Commercial Electrical Systems! 

There’s absolutely no denying that climate change will show itself later this year as high pressure systems from the tropics reach North America, and these heat waves will have seriously detrimental impacts on electrical systems across the country. 

So the best thing home and business owners can do is get their properties prepped and ready with Yoder Electric. As one of the top electrical service providers in Central Ohio, they’ve supported residential and commercial properties since 2004.

Contact us today or call 614-368-0255 to set up an appointment!

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