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DIY projects bring with them a certain sense of satisfaction. However, despite your best handyman skills, there are times when you’ll still need assistance from a professional. Who do you turn to when that time comes?

The answer is simple: Yoder Electric. As an electrician proudly servicing Columbus, Ohio, and other nearby communities, we offer top-tier electrician services. Across our region, we’ve served hundreds of customers with a wide range of services. From installing backup generators to home EV chargers to helping businesses and industrial parks with their power needs, there’s no task our team can’t handle. We work on properties of any age, whether a brand-new build or an existing structure.

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As a fully licensed, insured, and professionally-trained residential electrician, our company is committed to helping you with all of your home projects.

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Backup generators

Setting up a home backup generator is not a task for the faint of heart. We commend homeowners who have a passion for backup generator installations. However, when you need to have it installed quickly and efficiently by an electrician in Columbus, Ohio, we are here to help. Our services guarantee you get the cleanest and best possible install so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. This means that there is no worry of food and medication spoilage or critical home systems crashing.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels. They are synonymous with both energy-saving and green initiatives. What was once a relatively niche market has now entered the mainstream collective consciousness. Homeowners looking to save money on monthly power bills need an electrician from Columbus, Ohio who understands the intricacies of setting up solar panel systems the right way. Once properly set up, a fully functional residential solar setup will add significant resale value to your home.

EV Charger Installation​

As electric cars and trucks become more commonplace, homeowners need professional EV charger installation. Columbus, Ohio is a Mecca of forward-thinking and innovation. Along with that has come what we can only describe as a full-on embracing of electric vehicles. In order to meet this growing demand, we are pleased to offer quality EV charger installation. This allows your electric car or truck to efficiently charge overnight at your home instead of requiring a trip to a remote charging station.

Residential Electrical Remodels​

Have you recently purchased a new home? You may have learned through your inspection that there are serious deficiencies with your current wiring setup. From dated electrical outlets to breaker box systems that can’t handle newer power needs and more, our team can take an older property and update it to more modern electrical standards. For example, some DIY homeowners neglected to install overhead light boxes, instead choosing to mount their ceiling lights directly onto the drywall. Or in other cases, we’ll discover that during a previous renovation the homeowner allowed new electrical lines to sit on top of a drop ceiling panel.
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Commercial Electrical Services

While much of what we do on a daily basis is for our residential customers, we also provide electrician services for commercial establishments. From day one, our team will gladly partner with your business on design-build projects. We start after the framing, running power lines that comply with all state and local regulations. As an electrician servicing Columbus, Ohio businesses, we also offer our trenching and excavating services. Not only that, we can help with all lighting and electrical layout questions, providing solutions that meet your needs in the most optimal way possible.



Get licensed and bonded, professional commercial and industrial electrical work from R & T Yoder Electric. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an estimate today!

Why should I hire an electrician in Columbus, Ohio?

That’s a fair question. After all, online resources and tools have opened up the doors for just about anyone to learn a skill. However, there is a difference between understanding a process and doing it the right way. The simplest analogy is giving yourself a haircut. You may be able to watch a few videos on YouTube on how to cut your own hair, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it right.

With electrical services, it’s far more serious and important that the job is done right from the get-go. To prevent unintended damage and accidents, electrical services should usually be performed by a licensed professional. This guarantees that things are done right the first time, every time and that your home or place of business stays safe.

We believe that integrity and high-quality work go hand-in-hand. After almost two decades in business, we’ve built a brand that you can trust and rely on for all of your electrical needs. As a proud member of the Columbus community, we handle all types of projects, ensuring that our customers receive the very best possible service.

Since launching Yoder Electric, we’ve grown our services significantly. For residential customers, we help them with a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Setting up and installing electrical panels
  • Professional installation of solar panels, EV chargers, and home generators;
  • Hanging light fixtures;
  • Remodeling and home upgrades;
  • And more! We handle everything from one-off projects to ongoing maintenance contracts, making certain that each of our customers gets exactly what they need when they need it.

Top-rated Electrician Columbus, Ohio Reviews

Our customers are our top priority and we pride ourselves on our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our extensive reviews speak for themselves, demonstrating our focus on meeting our customers’ needs.

You can rest assured our technicians will be on time, thorough, and professional during your service call. We also offer no-contact estimates, offering the unique capability of emailing pictures of what needs to be replaced along with a detailed description. From there, we can then provide an estimate of your project’s price.

Integrity and excellence are the driving force behind everything we do here at Yoder Electric.

Our certified team of electricians in Columbus, Ohio is fully licensed and insured, surpassing customer expectations with every new contract.

That’s why our stellar reviews speak for themselves and why we’ve been in business as long as we have. It’s only through this commitment to quality and excellence from each team member, from the top down, that guarantees customer satisfaction.

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