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Renting a new house is exciting, but just like with any home, inspecting the property’s electrical system before signing the lease is crucial.

Here is a quick, easy checklist for inspecting a house before renting it. Let’s ensure your new dwelling is comfortable and electrically sound!


When you’re ready to move in, make sure you’ve got enough outlets in each room that will be able to handle your gadgets and appliances. If your new place is looking a bit sorry for the number of outlets it offers, chat with your landlord and ask if they can make some updates.

PRO TIP: As you check the property’s outlets, listen closely. If you hear a buzzing sound coming from an outlet, it’s not a good sign; it means trouble and something that needs to be sorted out swiftly. Where there is a spark, there is cause for fire. It’s best to unplug anything from the outlet and to call your landlord to investigate the problem and sort it out.

Breaker Box

Even if you’re not an electrician, taking a quick peek inside the breaker box is perfectly safe. Make sure that everything is labeled clearly so you can identify circuits quickly. If the labels are all faded and unreadable, consult your landlord to get the issue resolved.


Take a tour around the house and into each room to quickly turn on and off every switch to ensure it’s in tip-top working condition. If you find a switch that’s not quite right, it could indicate a wiring issue. Report it to the landlord so they can address the problem.

Power Cords

Power cords for your appliances and devices must be inspected regularly to ensure they’re not frayed or damaged; this could lead to electrical hazards. 

It’s easy and essential to make sure that you replace those damaged cords ASAP. Also, again, ensure you don’t overuse power cords; too many could cause quite an electrical shock to your electrical system.

Ceiling Fixtures

While walking around, look up and inspect the ceiling fixtures. Check for exposed wires, suspicious buzzing sounds, or signs of overheating. A hot light fixture can be a severe fire hazard in your new abode.

Electrical Panel

Always know where the electrical panel is in case of a power outage. Familiarize yourself with the main switch and how to reset breakers. Being prepared can save you from an electrical nightmare in the dark. So, before you rent that new home, give these few checks a go. Yoder Electric wants to ensure your new place is not just perfect for living in but is also electrically safe.

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