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Akron Ohio electrician, electrical services Akron

Yoder Electric is now an Akron, Ohio electrician

After many years of providing our world-class electrician services to Columbus, Ohio and nearby area residents, we gradually expanded to serve other parts of Central Ohio. Eventually, we expanded closer to I-75 closer to the Dayton and Cincinnati and metropolitan areas. As a part of our continued growth, R&T Yoder Electric is now proud to also be an Akron, Ohio electrician.

When you need an electrician, Akron, Ohio residents can trust in the high-valued expertise of the team at Yoder Electric. We launched our firm in 2004, serving residential and commercial services alike. As we grew to expand our service offerings, our regional growth followed likewise. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our continued expansion starting with our new venture as an Akron, Ohio electrician.

Services we provide as an Akron, Ohio electrician

As mentioned, we provided many services when we initially opened our doors almost two decades ago. Those services grew along with our great state, turning Ohio into one of the thriving economies in the U.S.

Along with this economic growth came a need for additional electrical services. For example, today there is a significantly increased need for EV chargers. After all, electric vehicle growth has taken off with manufacturers such as Ford, Chevy, and Kia joining the ranks of Tesla. This will lead to exponential growth in the coming years. However, that’s just a sampling we’ll unpack more of shortly. We also help homeowners with a vast array of services. Plus, we work with commercial operators from Day One with our Design-Build services.

So, whether you need trenching and backfilling, need a complete wiring, or simply need the services of a licensed electrician, Akron, Ohio residents now have access to the expertise of the Yoder Electric team.

Wondering what types of Akron, Ohio electrician services you can expect from Yoder Electric? Read on to get the full scope of what we can offer to your community!

Now let’s take a closer look at each of our primary Akron, Ohio electrician service offerings.

Akron Ohio electrician, electrical services Akron

Residential electrician in Akron, Ohio

We got our start as a residential electrician. Akron, Ohio residents are the latest region we’re serving with our expansive lineup of services. It’s one of our primary categories and includes everything from simple tasks to complex projects.

For starters, it’s not too uncommon for the handy homeowner to tackle a home renovation project on their own. However, while we respect your initiative and want to support you along the way, there are times when the best solution is to contact an electrician. Akron, Ohio and the surrounding communities can easily get in touch with a member of the R&T Yoder Electric team for all of their residential electric needs.

For example, some homeowners need an overhaul of their entire home power system. This can include rewiring their existing outlets to the complete renovation of their control panel setup. In other cases, some homeowners simply need assistance troubleshooting problems with their current home power system. Have you ever touched a light switch and felt a slight tinge from it, almost as if it shocked you? Or have you ever flipped a light switch for it not to come on, even after replacing the light bulb? Perhaps you have a flickering light or loose outlet?

In each of these situations, we’ll work with the homeowner to troubleshoot each of these problems. We can also work with a home builder from Day One with a residential variation of our Design-Bulid services.

Are you interested in learning more about our residential electrician services? Then click HERE to get started!

EV chargers installation in Akron, Ohio

Earlier, we briefly talked about EV charger installation. As an Akron, Ohio electrician, we’re excited to help area residents with this service! As mentioned, EV usage will continue to grow in the coming years as more manufacturers join in with the momentum. This is fueled by expected growth within the consumer market.

Whether you’re a business owner considering adding a set of EV chargers to your parking lot or a homeowner about to purchase an EV, we can help. We’ll work with you to decide which of the two primary types of EV chargers is right for your property. In a nutshell, those are aptly named Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

Akron Ohio electrician, electrical services Akron

The difference between them is akin to the different types of smartphone power charging bricks. The lower the wattage, the slow the device recharges. Within the EV market, a Level 1 charger is similar to a 5W power brick. It will eventually provide a full charge to your device but will take an exceptionally long time to do so. It’s not ideal for fast charging or daily usage as it simply cannot get the job done.

A Level 2 charger is similar to using a 20 or 30W home charger to get a fast boost to your smartphone’s battery. Not only can it get you from zero to one hundred much faster, but it’s also ideal for those using their device daily. Likewise, the same is true with a Level 2 charger. Your EV will be ready to go each morning or whenever you pull it out of your garage for daily errand running.

In both cases, we help homeowners and business owners decide which is the right choice for their business. Are you interested in learning more about our EV charger installation services? Then click HERE to get started!

Commercial electrician in Akron, Ohio

We mentioned commercial customers when discussing our ability to install an EV charger. What we didn’t mention was that this is a great way to bring in additional business, especially from those doing some out-of-town shopping in Akron, Ohio. Electrician service providers who set these up should recognize the importance of having an EV charger on-site. It brings in additional foot traffic and promotes your business over that of the competition.

However, that’s not the only type of commercial electrician service we offer. Earlier we also mentioned our Design-Build services. These work especially well with commercial facilities. Our team will work with yours to develop a custom solution to your current needs, whether

you’re building a new facility or expanding your existing one. With our Design-Build, we act as a partner throughout the process, providing our full-service Akron, Ohio electrician solutions for all of your needs.

We also work with facilities to retrofit their existing lighting framework and replace problematic light pole fixtures. In both cases, we can help your team make the switch to more energy efficient LED options. 

Simply put, you won’t find a more expansive lineup from an Akron, Ohio electrician as you will when you partner with Yoder Electric!

Are you interested in learning more about our commercial electrician services? Then click HERE to get started!

Electrical panel replacement electrician in Akron, Ohio

We’ve established a lineup of professional electrician, Akron Ohio services we think will make your life a whole lot easier. The first is our electrical panel replacements. We can swap out an aging panel or one that can no longer handle your home or business’s current power load. If you’re still using an older fuse box, no problem. If your breaker box is older than fifteen years old, we can help.

Simply put, whether you need an entirely new electrical panel replacement or to add a sub panel, Yoder Electric is your Akron, Ohio electrician of choice!

Are you interested in learning more about our electrical panel replacement services? Then click HERE to get started!

Akron Ohio electrician, electrical services Akron
Akron Ohio electrician, electrical services Akron

Pool electrician in Akron, Ohio

When might you need a sub-panel? When you’re installing either an in-ground or above-ground pool. Both of these need the knowledge of an Akron, Ohio electrician who can safely install the necessary lines and sub-panels. They should be able to trench and backfill your power lines, keeping your family safe from any splashing water while equally providing the right level of power necessary for your new backyard luxury.

Are you interested in learning more about our pool electrician services? Then click HERE to get started!

Backup and whole-home generators in Akron, Ohio

Has there ever been a moment when you lost power for longer than expected? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could continue to power your home while the utility company works diligently to restore the flow of electricity to your area?

That’s where generators come into play, and they have one of two typical configurations. The first is a portable generator, usually designed to only power one or two appliances (such as your refrigerator and a few lights). Whole-home generators are their upgraded brethren, tapping into your heating supply and providing power to virtually every aspect of your home.

Are you interested in learning more about our backup or whole-home generator installation services? Then click HERE to get started!

Reynoldsburg OH electrician, electrical upgrades

Solar energy contractor in Akron, Ohio

In addition to all of the robust services we offer, our new expansion as an Akron, Ohio electrician means that we can also offer our solar energy contractor services to this region. Solar energy is growing in popularity as more homeowners realize that our aging power grid may not be able to support our community’s needs indefinitely.

Solar panels help to reduce your dependence on the utility company while also reducing your overall paid power consumption. Your energy bills can be slashed significantly and sometimes even eliminated entirely with a solar panel field. We offer several different options including roof-mounted systems as well as ground-mount fields.

Are you interested in learning more about our solar energy contractor services? Then click HERE to get started!

Spa electrician in Akron, Ohio

Spas are more luxurious versions of hot tubs, providing the homeowner with an upgraded experience. That includes more seating, heat, massage jets, and even swim-based features. However, because of all of these add-ons, they also have more expansive power needs.

Our team will work with you to ensure these are all in place. When you need an electrician in Akron, Ohio to set up your spa correctly, turn to Yoder Electric for your project!

Are you interested in learning more about our spa electrician services? Then click HERE to get started!

Beavercreek OH electrical services, electricians

Hot tub electrician in Akron, Ohio

As another note about backyard water-based activities, many homeowners want to add a hot tub somewhere in their backyard. Hot tubs come in two variations, portable and semi permanent. Each has its own specific power requirement needs. As an Akron, Ohio electrician, we’ll ensure that whichever you need is in place when you need it!

Are you interested in learning more about our hot tub electrician services? Then click HERE to get started!

R&T Yoder Electric: The best electrician Akron Ohio has to offer

With a combined experience totaling more than 300 years, there is only one choice for an Akron, Ohio electrician. That, of course, is Yoder Electric. We’re excited to be able to serve this community now and in the future. Our experience in this industry has been one of exceptional positive growth, led by the efforts of our founders Rod and Tina Yoder.

They opened the doors of our company after over twenty years of working in the electrical services industry. This recent expansion as an Akron, Ohio electrician is yet another example of the reputation we’ve built across Ohio. We’re proud of the team they’ve built over the years and the literal thousands of customers we’ve been able to serve since then.

Would you like to get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your electrical project? It’s easy to contact us. You can send us a message via our Contact page HERE. Simply fill out our short form and we’ll then look over your responses before following up with a time to go over your needs.

Alternatively, you can also call our primary sales office at 614-206-5401. We’ll get you on our calendar ASAP so that we can provide you with the best Akron, Ohio electrician services! Whether you’re a residential customer or a commercial facilities manager, we handle them all. Contact us today to get started!

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