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Yoder Electric is now a Cincinnati, Ohio Electrician

After founding Yoder Electric in 2004 near Columbus, Rod and Tina Yoder gradually began expanding our company’s service footprint. This includes the nearby towns and suburbs that surround Columbus. Eventually, they opened a sales office in London, making their way westward toward I-75.

We’re excited to continue expanding. Now, those in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area can receive the same world-class services that Central, Ohio residents have had for the past two decades.

That’s right: Yoder Electric is now a Cincinnati, Ohio electrician! This includes all of our expansive, expert electrical services ranging from residential to commercial and everything in between!

Services we provide as a Cincinnati, Ohio electrician

Just as we do in other parts of the state, Yoder Electric offers a wide range of electrical services. Our experience totals nearly forty years including Rod and Tina’s twenty years of electrical expertise before founding R&T Yoder Electric. It’s this foundation that sets us apart from the competition.

Let’s now take a closer look at each of the services we provide as a Cincinnati, Ohio electrician starting with an overview of our residential electrician packages.

Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts

Residential Electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio

Homeowners are often handy with tools and renovations. However, even the most seasoned individual will run into situations where they need a residential electrician. Cincinnati, Ohio residents can now rely on Yoder Electric for those moments.

For example, let’s start with one of the most basic electrical needs: hanging a light fixture. As many homeowners discover during renovations, not everyone follows electrical best practices. Simple items, such as installing a ceiling box for your lights, are often overlooked. In other cases, some homeowners have discovered that their wiring is simply sitting on top of their drop ceiling tiles. All of these situations and more we can easily fix for you as a Cincinnati, Ohio electrician.

Furthermore, our residential electrician services include troubleshooting problems, upgrading your existing lighting, and working alongside homeowners on their renovation projects.

Beyond that, we offer Design-Build projects. This can provide you with a partner throughout the entire process. In addition, our service department can work with you to develop a residential service contract so that you never have to worry about downtime or other headaches with your appliances.

EV Chargers Installation in Cincinnati, Ohio

Another popular residential service is the installation of EV chargers. Our team of electricians in Cincinnati, Ohio can help you make the decision about which type of EV charger is right for your home. To briefly unpack them, there are two primary types: a Level 1 EV charger and a Level 2 EV charger.

A Level 1 EV charger is similar to the 5W power bricks that smartphone manufacturers used to ship with their devices. When plugged in overnight, they can charge your device and bring it up to full capacity before you wake up the next day. 

However, what if you go to bed late and can’t put it on the charger for the full time? That’s why fast-charging bricks have become increasingly popular with consumers. They provide a boost of power quicker so that even if you forget to charge your phone when you go to bed, you can get a decent boost by the time you leave for work.

Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts

A Level 1 EV charger is a slower method of “refueling” your EV. It takes longer and for those who commute daily or run extensive errands throughout the day, it might not be sufficient for your daily EV power needs.

That’s why a Level 2 EV charger is the more popular option. Like those newer smartphone power bricks, a Level 2 charger can give you more power in a shorter time.

Of course, we help both residential and commercial customers with the installation of their EV charging systems. After all, providing EV charging stations in your parking lot is a great way to attract more customers to your establishment. As a commercial setup, we’d gladly meet with you or your facility manager to develop the right plan for your facility.

Commercial Electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio

Leading off of that last service section another of the electrician services we provide is commercial projects. We briefly touched on this with the value of our EV chargers. But we don’t stop there.

For example, many industrial and commercial projects will require the use of a mini excavator for trenching and backfilling. This is so that power lines can be properly run from one building to a newer construction or tap into existing power lines. 

Our Design-Build services are especially popular with our commercial customers. A Yoder Electric electrician can be there from Day One, helping your team plan everything from your electrical layout to your budget numbers and more.

Do you have light poles in need of updating or replacement? We have lifts that can service these fixtures for you. Or do you have older fluorescent lighting throughout your facility? If so, it’s time to consider retrofitting these with more energy-efficient options. As fluorescent lighting is often a literal eyesore for some of your employees, switching these out to LED can save you both time and money in addition to acting as a service for your team.

Simply put, we’re a full-service electrical firm now and look forward to helping you meet your business’s power needs!

Would you like to learn more? Then visit our commercial electrician page HERE.

Electrical Panel Replacement in Cincinnati, Ohio

In the electrical industry, there are two types of home control panels: fuse-based systems and breaker boxes. Regardless of which type you have, it may be time for an electrical panel replacement by a licensed electrician. Cincinnati, Ohio has homes that were built, in some cases, in the 1800s. That means they may still have the older (and aging) fuse box style of a

control panel for their homes. Some of these are incredibly inefficient. Others are rusty. And others still simply can’t handle the power demands of the 21st-century consumer.

But it doesn’t stop there. Other homes have breaker boxes from the past couple of decades but don’t realize they have older boxes that need to be replaced. Whether due to a manufacturer’s defect at the time of construction or a system that, again, simply can’t handle your current power needs, it also may be due for replacement.

In either situation, Yoder Electric can help you decide when and how to replace your control panel.

Beachwood Ohio electrician, electrical contractor
Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts

Pool Electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio

Of course, installing a sub-control panel is a common task whenever a homeowner decides to install a pool. This applies to both in-ground pools and above-ground pool systems. Whenever you need a pool electrician, Cincinnati, Ohio now can rely on the extensive experience of the Yoder Electric team.

We can help with everything from the wiring to the installation of any outside outlets to the trenching and backfilling of your lines as well as many more pool-related electrical tasks. 


Backup and whole home generators in Cincinnati, Ohio

In the world of generators, there are two primary types: whole-home generators and what many refer to as backup generators. In either case, to set these up properly you will want to contact an electrician. Cincinnati, Ohio residents are all too familiar with some of the weather based power outages we’ve had across the Buckeye State. Installing a generator, whether for your entire home or simply to power a handful of appliances, can keep your home running while the power company works to restore services after a major outage.

Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts

Solar Energy Contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio

More and more homeowners (as well as consumers) are interested in green initiatives. That’s one of the reasons we believe so strongly in EV charging systems. This focus also extends to your homes with the installation of solar panel systems. 

Our team is well-versed in all of the ins and outs of setting these up correctly, which makes us the premier solar energy contractor and electrician in the region. Of course, there are two primary types of solar panel systems: roof-mounted systems and ground-mount systems. Let’s briefly look at each of them.

A ground-mount system sits somewhere on your property, ideally with a full view of the sun. These are more effective when no trees or other buildings are blocking a view of the sky. They can be larger than roof-mount systems and provide more power to your home. In addition, they are *not* exclusively meant for those in the suburbs or country. In fact, our team can help those living in the city figure out the best setup for a ground-mounted solar panel field if your home’s power needs require it.

A roof-mounted system is exactly as it sounds: a set of panels attached to your roof. While smaller than a ground-based system, they provide a significant power boost to your home — especially when mounted on each side of your roofing system. 

And contrary to popular belief, solar panels can still produce power even when it’s cloudy. This is a great way to save power on your monthly energy bill, reduce your reliance on our region’s aging power grid, and future-proof your home while also raising its value significantly.

Spa Electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio

We also help install spas. 

“But wait,” you might be thinking. “Aren’t a hot tub and a spa the same thing?”

In terms of how consumers refer to them, yes. But technically, a spa is a distinct unit from a hot tub. Spas are essentially more luxurious versions of hot tubs, providing jets, massage capabilities, and even swim-based features. In addition, spas are larger with the capability of seating your entire family.

They also have more intensive power needs, often due to the heater system that keeps your spa useable even in the frigid Ohio winter. As a Cincinnati, Ohio electrician, we’ll properly set up your spa so that your family stays safe while enjoying this relaxing addition to your home.

Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts
Cincinnati Ohio electrical services, wiring experts

Hot Tub Electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio

This ability to work with water-based home fixtures doesn’t stop with pool electrical services. We also help with hot tub electrical services.

Some homeowners purchase inflatable hot tubs. These are portable units that are meant to run off of a standard 120-volt outlet. Other homeowners purchase semi-permanent hot tub units that have more expansive power consumption needs. These, too, may require the installation of a sub-panel in addition to your home’s standard breaker box control panel. Our team is highly qualified and skilled to help with this process so that your family can safely enjoy your new or existing hot tub!


R&T Yoder Electric: The best electrician Cincinnati Ohio has to offer

We couldn’t be more proud of the team we’ve built. Yoder Electric currently has over sixty employees with plans to continue growing. When you need an electrician, Cincinnati, Ohio will now be able to contact Yoder Electric for our complete list of electrical services. 

Would you like to schedule a time to chat with one of our sales team? Let us know! We will look over the notes you have about your project and schedule a time to review it more in depth, including a possible on-site visit from a Yoder Electric electrician. Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding suburbs are excellent communities to live and work. We’re excited about what the future holds for this region and our ability to serve you!

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