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Gahanna is one of the best retail districts in Columbus, and it’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire city. From top-notch retail businesses to exciting restaurants and open-air town squares, Gahanna is considered to be one of the fastest growing commercial districts in the entire country!

The R&T Yoder Electric team has supported the Gahanna community for many years, so we’ve seen firsthand just how much this area of Columbus has grown. It truly is our honor to provide our electrical services to both residential and commercial properties throughout Gahanna, and we’re always available to answer your questions and let you know how we can best support your property’s unique needs.

So contact us online or give us a call at (614) 206-5401 to reach out to our experts today and let us know what type of electrical services are needed at your home or business in Gahanna!

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As a fully licensed, insured, and professionally-trained residential electrician, our company is committed to helping you with all of your home projects.

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Residential Electric Services

We’re here for your Gahanna home when you’re going through electrical issues, and we know just how frustrating it can be to suddenly experience malfunctions within your residential electric system. Here’s a quick list of the residential electric services we provide throughout the Gahanna area:
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Commercial Electric Services

Gahanna is known for its vast commercial districts full of vibrant businesses of all types, and each and every one of these businesses need commercial electricians to turn to when things go wrong. The commercial electric specialists at Yoder Electric are here to help your business with the routine upkeep of your electric system, as well as any and all repairs that may be needed.
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Industrial Electric Services

Our industrial service department is one of the best in all of Central Ohio, and we’ve supported countless new construction projects and large-scale remodeling projects throughout Columbus. So no matter what your industrial electrical needs are, our specialists will put you in the right direction towards an efficient and successful project completion!



Get licensed and bonded, professional commercial and industrial electrical work from R & T Yoder Electric. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an estimate today!

Burning Smells Throughout
Your Property!

It should come as no surprise that  burning smells emanating throughout your property are a serious warning sign associated with your electrical system. This type of scenario typically occurs when a property’s wiring is heating up far too much and actually melting plastic sheathings, which of course is a serious red flag associated with fire risks. It’s crucial to get to the source of this issue as quickly as you can, but reaching out to our specialists will ultimately put you in the best position to resolve the burning smells and keep your property safe from harm. Although you may be able to do basic DIY reconnaissance, this type of issue is best left for professional hands.

Rodents can pose serious threats to a property’s electrical system, and this is because they often will gnaw at electrical wiring until it’s completely bare of all its sheathing. This can lead to sparks and overheating throughout the entirety of your electrical system.

So if you’re seeing any kind of rodent activity throughout your property, you may need to reach out to an electrician along with your local pest control specialists.

Your Trusted Electrical Partner in Gahanna

its incredible retail shopping and desirable residential neighborhoods. There’s a reason why people love Gahanna, and the Yoder Electric team is here to help both residential and commercial property owners with all their electrical needs.

Yoder Electric has supported the Gahanna community since 2004, and since then we’ve developed one of the best electrical teams in all of Columbus. No matter what your specific needs are, we’ll be sure to provide you with an affordable financing plan that matches your budget.

So reach out to us online or call us at (614) 206-5401 to speak with our team today and let us know how we can support your home or commercial property in the Gahanna area!

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