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Plain City, Ohio, famed for its historic significance, adaptability, and rich community spirit, holds a significant spot in Yoder Electric’s esteem. Whether you require a residential electrician for household upgrades or a commercial expert for your business, Yoder Electric is your trusted partner in Madison County.

Notably, Plain City, celebrated for its iconic sites, designs, and vast job prospects, can now benefit from Yoder Electric’s superior electrical offerings!

Since its inception in 2004, Yoder Electric has consistently expanded its service offerings. Spanning from domestic and corporate to advanced industrial electric needs, we’ve grown in tandem with tech innovations. As our presence solidifies within the Plain City society, our anticipation for upcoming endeavors heightens.

Given Plain City’s diverse architectural backdrop and distinctive electrical demands, we provide an array of services to its residents, including:

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As a fully licensed, insured, and professionally-trained residential electrician, our company is committed to helping you with all of your home projects.

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Electric Service Panels​

Whether you’ve settled in a vintage residence or inaugurated a new business complex, Yoder Electric’s skilled residential and commercial electricians guarantee your establishment’s electric framework is sturdy, streamlined, and tailored to your specifications.

Backup Generators​

Given that Plain City faces environmental challenges like floods and tornadoes, power disruptions are an inevitability for its inhabitants. This is where our commercial and residential electricians come into play. At Yoder, we excel in cutting-edge backup generator installations, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during crucial times.
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Solar Panel Systems​

Echoing Plain City’s environmental commitments, our team of commercial and residential electricians brings forward eco-friendly solar alternatives. To harness the potential of Ohio’s sunlit days and reduce your property’s ecological impact, don’t hesitate to contact Yoder Electric’s specialists for expert guidance.
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Electric Vehicle Chargers​

As more of Plain City’s residents embrace green transportation, our residential and commercial electricians are ready to guide you toward a sustainable alternative to conventional fuels. Contact Yoder Electric now to discover more about EV charging solutions tailored to your vehicle.

Pool & Spa Electrical

Soak in the warmth of Plain City’s sunny days with our standout pool, hot tub, and spa electrical solutions. Whether it’s a communal swimming area or a personal backyard jacuzzi, our residential and commercial electricians at Yoder Electric are primed to deliver services attuned to your desires and necessities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Yoder crew for in-depth information on our offerings!

Connectivity and Data Services

Given the rise in global interconnectivity and Plain City’s burgeoning digital framework, maintaining tech-savviness is crucial. Regardless of your property’s tech level, our commercial and residential electricians emphasize the need to modernize your electrical infrastructure, ensuring all your devices function seamlessly.



Get licensed and bonded, professional commercial and industrial electrical work from R & T Yoder Electric. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an estimate today!

Renovating or Remodeling Your Home Call Yoder

Every citizen of Plain City recognizes the value of fusing the town’s historical charm with contemporary enhancements for balanced living. As you embark on a remodeling adventure in this flourishing area of Madison County, finding the right residential electrician is essential. Whether you’re situated in Plain City’s core or its growing boundaries, Yoder Electric merges the proficiency of experienced electricians with cutting-edge equipment to bring your ideas to life. We skillfully traverse Plain City’s varied architectural intricacies, guaranteeing each task aligns with its environment.

Choosing Yoder Electric guarantees a smooth journey. We reply swiftly, comprehend your unique requirements, offer comprehensive advice on potential pathways, and stick to a strict schedule to ensure top-tier results.

From complex electrical system revamps to subtle adjustments, rely on Yoder Electric for bespoke solutions! Every property owner has distinct desires, styles, and preferences. That’s why our residential electricians collaborate with you throughout. We also coordinate with other professionals to guarantee your precise needs are met.

Whether your business is housed in a heritage structure or a budding business center in Plain City, Yoder’s commercial electricians are ready with the latest tools to shape your desired commercial property. Catering to a variety of companies across diverse sectors, the Yoder brigade ensures you’re well-versed in your choices, empowering you with confidence in your establishment’s safety and efficiency.

The commercial vibe of Plain City intertwines traditional allure with modern aesthetics. Keeping work environments up-to-date in this vibrant locale demands ongoing innovation. Partnering with Yoder Electric makes your journey to modernization a breeze.

Call Yoder’s commercial electricians and relish our immersive process from inception to fruition. We value your feedback, delve deep into your requirements, expound on the pros and cons of various service offerings, and execute your dream with unparalleled precision. Be it broadening work areas, tech-enhanced meeting spaces, or adding new amenities, we stand as your steadfast electrical collaborator. If you’re curious about Yoder’s capabilities, please reach out to us ASAP!

Top-Tier Support for Plain City Customers

In addition to providing premier electrical services near you, Yoder Electric offers unmatched client service. Our clientele repeatedly praises our dependability, particularly emphasizing the comfort they feel when partnering with Yoder Electric. In a sector often marred by postponements and lack of communication, our promise is to be accessible and swift. It’s integral to ensuring the value of your association with Yoder.

Beyond mere solution delivery, Yoder Electric prioritizes nurturing enduring bonds with our residential and commercial customers. Our team of residential and commercial electricians remains perpetually at your disposal to clarify doubts or address concerns, ensuring consistent clarity and confidence. We pledge you’re never kept waiting and are always presented with clear, no-surprises quotations. Such a stance fosters trust, an essential element for thriving business interactions. To summarize, our laudable client support isn’t merely rhetoric—it embodies our dedication to prioritizing our clients in every initiative.

Your Trustworthy Electrical Team in Plain City

From the historic heart of Plain City to its burgeoning outskirts, Yoder Electric stands as your go-to electrical service provider. With our proficient team of residential and commercial electricians, tailored offerings, and dedication to the Plain City populace, we ensure top-tier management of all your electrical demands. As we deepen our footprint in this beloved locale, our commitment is unwavering: to provide streamlined and secure electrical services.

Anchored by our passion for Plain City and its residents, every endeavor reflects accuracy and distinction. Confide in Yoder Electric’s commercial and residential electricians for your needs, and experience unparalleled service in Madison County’s epicenter!

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