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London, Ohio is located around 25 miles southwest of Columbus, and it has quickly become one of the capital’s top suburbs in recent decades. Families and business owners love living in London for its quaint charm and cultural diversity, and there certain is a lot to do in London that’s fun for the whole family.

The entire Yoder Electric team is extremely proud to provide our residential and commercial electrical services to the London community, and we continue to cherish the many relationships we’ve developed throughout London since our humble beginnings back in 2004. We’ve seen firsthand just how much London has grown over the years, and we’re proud to be the go-to electricians for home and business owners throughout the Central Ohio region.

You can always reach out to our team online or give us a call at 614-412-2185 to learn more about how we can support your London property, and our specialists will be more than happy to answer your questions as you prepare for your next service appointment!

We Support London’s Homeowners With Our Top-Notch Residential Electrical Services

We understand how important household maintenance and upkeep is for homeowners, and that many people aren’t quite sure how to perform maintenance on their complex electrical systems. So if you’re ever experiencing electrical issues at your home, you can always turn to our qualified electricians to diagnose and resolve your unique concerns.

Our London office is located in the heart of town on 2nd Street, so we’ll always have a group of specialists close by when your home’s system is malfunctioning or in need of professional attention. Below are some of the common residential electrical services we provide homeowners in the London, OH area:

London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts

Indoor & Outdoor Installations

We often support homes with ceiling fan installations, and although this type of electrical installation may seem straightforward when you’re shopping for ceiling fans, the truth is that this type of wiring is always incredibly complex.

Electrical installations of any kind simply aren’t DIY projects, and you’ll always be better off leaving your household’s wiring needs to professional electricians.

We’ll help make your home’s electrical system more eco-friendly and cost-effective, and we’ll be there for you no matter where you need specific installations.

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Electrical shortages and faulty outlets are common parts of owning a home, and it can always be frustrating when your electrical system malfunctions without any warning signs. When you’re confused about why your lights are flickering or your circuit breakers are tripping, you’ll need to reach out to our specialists to get professional advice on what your best solutions and steps forward are.

No matter when you need our help, we’ll have experienced electrical experts within a close proximity of your London home. Our technicians will show up on time and respect your personal schedule as they efficiently diagnose what exactly is occurring and causing your system issues.

London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts
London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts

Lighting Design & Upgrades

If you ask any professional home decorator or interior designer, they’ll let you know just how important lighting designs are when it comes to developing home aesthetics and room ambience. Our electricians have decades of experience when it comes to installing lighting upgrades and preparing unique lighting designs within residential properties, and we’ll help you make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Some of the factors we’ll keep in mind during lighting design projects are direction and placement, and you can count on our specialists to make your residential lighting 100% tailored to your unique needs. Professional lighting upgrades and installations will complement your home’s existing décor and brighten up your spaces, and we can also help you reduce electrical costs at the same time!

Rewiring & Remodeling

Bathroom, kitchen, basement and den remodeling projects are difficult enough without having to worry about rewiring, but of course wiring solutions are often necessary during residential remodels. If you have a particular place where you’d like a new outlet to be installed, we’ll make it happen, and we’ll also upgrade your outlets so your home is more prepared to handle all your tech gadget needs.

Our electricians will be there for your remodeling project from the initial planning stages, and we’ll work closely with general contractors to ensure a seamless integration of your new electrical wiring and appliances. This could mean we may integrate wiring into new or existing ceilings, floors and walls.

London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts
London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts

Storm Damage Repairs

Natural disasters are happening more frequently throughout Central Ohio, which is why London homeowners need to be more prepared for the inevitable impacts of climate change. What we’ve noticed is that when a home is impacted by a severe storm, the property’s wiring is also frequently damaged as well.

You can always count on our licensed residential electricians to be ready to support you when unfortunate scenarios impact your home, and we’ll be sure to act swiftly as we help you recover from storm and other natural disaster damages.

We Also Help London, OH Homes With Installations, Services & Repairs of The Following:

Electrical Panels

At Yoder Electric, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable electrical panel services throughout London and the surrounding Central Ohio region. We’ll be able to support you with a wide variety of electrical panel needs, including upgrades, repairs, replacements and installations. We’ll also be able to support any and all services regarding your home’s subpanels as well.

We care deeply about you and your home’s safety, which is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction with all of our work. Our licensed, insured and highly trained electricians will be sure to diagnose and resolve your electrical panel issues as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Your home’s electrical panel is an integral part of your entire system, so it’s crucial to give us a call when you’re experiencing any malfunctions or breaks with this core part of your property!

London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts
London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts

Backup Generators

No matter what type of backup generator services your home requires, you can count on the Yoder Electric team to support your unique needs. We’ll be there when you’re looking for a generator upgrade or installation, repair services, inspections, routine maintenance and generator replacements.

We’ve made a name for ourselves since 2004 as one of Central Ohio’s top electrical service brands, and this is because we understand how important it is to provide reasonable prices for each and every one of our customers.

Your home’s backup generator is a crucial appliance that you’ll need running efficiently when power outages occur, and our experts can guarantee efficient, long-term results to protect your London home when abnormalities occur with your municipal power supply.

Residential Solar Systems

Solar energy truly is the future for homeowners throughout Central Ohio, and today’s innovations and tax credits are making solar panel installations easier and more affordable than ever before.

Our residential solar system specialists will help you better understand how these energy-saving installations can support you and your monthly utility costs, and we’ll always help ensure that your solar journey fits within your budget and specific output requirements.

London Ohio electrical contractors, wiring experts
Buckeye Lake Ohio electrician, wiring solutions

Electric Car Chargers

Electric vehicles are now incredibly popular all throughout Central Ohio, and it’s only a matter of time until all car manufacturers solely produce EVs. This means now is the time to consider an electric car charger installation at your property, because having the right charging setup will make these investments much more convenient and worthwhile. We’ll help you re-design your garage’s electrical system so that it’s better prepared for an EV charger port, and we’re always proud to help homeowners foster a more eco-friendly future!

We Also Provide Commercial Electrical Services For Business Owners in London, OH

The Yoder Electric team has supported countless businesses throughout London and all of Central Ohio when it comes to adding value to commercial properties via electrical system installations, upgrades and repairs. Our innovative commercial solutions have supported entrepreneurs and business leaders for decades, and we’ll be there for your company when you need help making smart electrical decisions that support your bottom line.

Our commercial electricians will conduct thorough inspections to help you identify lingering problems and potential code violations, and we’ll use our inspection data to recommend your most efficient and affordable solutions.

Our commercial electricians help businesses with preconstruction design-builds and design-assist services, electrical construction phases, tenant improvements, fire alarm installations, and a lot more. We’ve also supported commercial properties within the following industries:

  • Data centers
  • Storage facilities
  • Schools
  • Multi-family residential complexes
  • Hotels
  • Sports & entertainment facilities
  • Healthcare centers
  • Commercial real estate
  • Science and tech facilities
  • Parking structures
  • Community centers
  • And much more!

Reach Out To The Yoder Electric Team When You Need Electrical Services At Your Property in London, OH!

Yoder Electric is the premier electrical company located in London, Ohio, and we also support homes and businesses throughout the entire Central Ohio region. We understand how important it is to have a reliable electrician in your contacts, and we pride ourselves on supporting the fabric of our local communities with high-quality, affordable electrical services.

Contact us online or give us a call at 614-412-2185 to get in touch with our team today and let us know how we can support your home or commercial property located in London, Ohio!

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