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Pickerington, Ohio has become an incredibly popular suburb of Columbus, and residents and business owners alike love being a part of such a thriving community. Pickerington offers everything a family would need, including incredible parks and recreation opportunities, a high overall quality of life rating, and countless community organizations.

All of us at Yoder Electric are proud to support the Pickerington community via our residential and commercial electrical services, and we understand how important it is for everyone in Pickerington to have a reliable electrician that they can turn to when things go awry with their property’s system. No matter what type of electrical issues you’re dealing with, our esteemed specialists will be sure to diagnose the source of the malfunctioning and let you know what your best course of action is.

So always feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 614-412-2185 to get in touch with our experts today and let us know what exactly is going on at your Pickerington property!

Frequently Asked Commercial Electrical Questions

We’ve proudly supported countless businesses and commercial buildings throughout Pickerington for many years, and our commercial electricians are some of the very best in all of Central Ohio.

We understand how you may be concerned and have plenty of questions regarding your property’s ongoing electrical issues, so below are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive from our commercial clients:

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When is it typically time to call your commercial electricians for an inspection?

There’s absolutely no denying how dangerous electricity can be when it’s malfunctioning, and electrical repairs are never supposed to be DIY projects for safety reasons. You’re always going to need expert commercial electricians with experience supporting similar properties to yours when you suspect any issues are lingering within your building’s electrical system.

Recognizing common red flag warning signs and preemptively calling our electricians for an assessment appointment can not only save you money in the long run, but it can also protect your entire property from serious hazards!

How can I know which electrical system size is right for my commercial property?

The main way to determine the proper size of your property’s electrical system is to thoroughly assess how much power you’ll likely consume on a daily basis. One of the best ways to gauge daily electrical consumption is to go off your current appliance and building configurations.

Of course there are also plenty of scenarios in which commercial property managers are planning an expansion, new construction projects, and expansive building upgrades. In these scenarios, it’s important for our electricians to work closely with the rest of your project’s team to gauge how your new changes will impact future electrical output.

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Is it possible to conduct DIY electrical work?

Although it might seem like a cost-cutting strategy to watch a few YouTube videos and see if you can conduct your own electrical repairs, the odds are that you’re going to put you and your property at a ton of unnecessary risk via a DIY electrical project.

Electrocutions, fires, shock, and even death are possible when inexperienced people attempt to do their own electrical work. You’ll also run a serious risk of building code violations by avoiding professional support, so it’s always best to put this type of service in expert hands.

Does my building need a surge protector?

Surge protectors are highly recommended for all commercial buildings and properties, because these devices will help protect important equipment and appliances for the long-term future.

Surge protectors are also crucial when your commercial property needs to protect telecommunications systems and digital data, because you won’t have to worry about losing valuable information when sudden power jolts occur.

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What’s the best thing to do when a breaker panel is feeling abnormally warm?

When a breaker panel feels abnormally warm, it’s a clear sign that the panel is being overloaded. This is a serious situation because it could potentially lead to electrical damages, as well as fire risks.

The best thing to do when you’re experiencing this type of scenario is to reach out to our commercial electricians and have them efficiently inspect your breaker panel.

Does my commercial building require rewiring services?

It’s sometimes difficult for commercial property owners and building managers to know when rewiring services are needed, but there certainly are plenty of older properties in Pickerington that could use rewiring. If your older building still utilizes tube, knot or aluminum wiring, you may need to upgrade your wiring system.

You’ll also likely need our rewiring services if you plan to update or expand your property’s appliance usage, because newer appliances and electrical fixtures will inevitably require a more expansive system.

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Does my building need to be vacated during rewiring projects?

Although vacating a commercial property is sometimes necessary during rewiring projects, our team tends to provide flexible scheduling for these services.

This means that we’ll accommodate your agenda as much as we can, and our goal is always to make rewiring projects as convenient as possible for our clients.

We Also Support Pickerington Homeowners With Our Comprehensive Residential Electrical Services

Pickerington’s residential real estate market has boomed in recent years due to the city’s growing popularity amongst families and business professionals, and this has subsequently led to many new neighborhoods and new home construction projects.

Our team of residential electricians are geared up and ready to go for any large-scale construction builds, and we’ll also support your home’s existing electrical system when things go wrong. Below are some of the most common residential electrical repairs we support Pickerington homes with on a daily basis:

Panel Repairs

A lot of older homes in Pickerington are currently in need of new electrical service panels, and this is typically due to the fact that service panels aren’t meant to last forever and households are now using more electronic devices than ever before.

When our team helps you repair your existing panel or install a brand new one, we’ll help you guarantee a far more consistent power supply throughout your entire property. Panel repairs can also support you with all sorts of other residential electrical issues, and it can help prepare your home when you’re planning to expand your overall electrical needs.

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Dead Outlets

There are sometimes pretty straightforward explanations for dead outlets, like a tripped GFCI or fuse, but of course these types of outlet malfunctions can also be related to faulty wiring.

In the case that your home is experiencing any kind of faulty wiring, you’re going to need our residential electricians to handle this repair and keep you and your home in a safer position for the future. Our technicians will let you know what type of repair is needed, and we’ll be sure to get your outlets back to a normal functionality as quickly as possible.

Flickering Lights

There could be several reasons why your home’s lights are flickering, including faulty plugs or even loose light bulbs. The bigger concern is when you’re seeing your lights flicker and you’re also simultaneously smelling burning odors within your home. You’ll also need to be extra cautious about any abnormal buzzing sounds coming from your electrical system, because these symptoms are often connected to faulty or loose circuit connections.

Circuit connection issues can potentially pose fire risks at your home, which is why we’ll always recommend homeowners to shut down their entire electrical system when they’re experiencing these warning signs and have our residential electricians come by immediately to conduct a thorough inspection.

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Residential Wiring Problems

Although it’s difficult for homeowners to recognize wiring issues, there are plenty of indicators that can show how a home has been incorrectly wired. Some examples of wiring issue warning signs include hearing buzzing sounds when your lights are on, or simply needing to use far too many extension cords for your everyday electrical needs.

Another very serious wiring issue red flag is when your home’s outlets seem to be radiating heat, because this could potentially lead to sparking and fire risks. Faulty wiring often occurs within a home’s interior walls, so it always requires experienced specialists to resolve these common electrical dilemmas.

Tripped Breakers & Overloaded Circuits

It’s important to remember that your electrical system’s circuits are only meant to carry a specific amount of power, and that breaker trips are likely when a circuit is exceeding its overall capacity. These issues will usually lead to power outages throughout your entire home, but it’s important to remember that these outages occurred for your own safety.

But whenever your home is experiencing these types of electrical problems, you should always reach out to our team and have our specialists come check things out. You may need a new electrical panel or additional outlet installations, but no matter what is necessary, our residential electricians will point you towards the most sustainable and affordable solutions.

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Contact The Yoder Electric Team When Your Home or Business in Pickerington, OH Needs Electrical Services!

Yoder Electric has supported the Pickerington community since 2004, so our team has come to love the entire community throughout our company history. We understand how special it is to live and work in Pickerington, and we’ll be there for you and your property when any electrical services are needed.

Contact us online or give us a call at 614-412-2185 to speak with our specialists today about what’s currently happening with your property’s electrical system!

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