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Yoder Electric is proud to have a location in Solon, Ohio. We are more than your average electricians; we are a premium business that has made leaps and bounds since our birth in 2004. We’re the Yoder Electric crew, and our residential and commercial electricians are here to light up Solon one jolt at a time.

Back in 1820, when the first settlers arrived from Connecticut, they were laying the foundation for a city that would grow into a powerhouse of innovation.

Named after Lorenzo Solon Bull, the son of one of those courageous settlers, the city’s very name echoes the spirit of democracy and progress, inspired by Solon, the famous Athenian lawmaker of Ancient Greece. Just as Solon the lawmaker brought light to his society, Yoder Electric is here to bring an electrifying glow to your homes and businesses.

As we expand our premium expert services into your vibrant city, get ready to witness the fusion of top-notch electrical solutions and one of Ohio’s most beautiful cities. Buckle up, Solon, because this is going to be an electrifying ride!

  • Electric Service Panels: If you’re experiencing panel-related problems, we’re here to be your reliable support system for all your electrical needs.
  • Backup Generator Installation: Brace yourself for the wild, unpredictable Midwestern weather with our unyielding backup options.
  • Solar Panel Systems and Installation: Watch as your carbon emissions and energy expenses significantly decrease with our cutting-edge solar technologies.
  • EV Charger Installation: Drive your way to sustainability! Move towards a greener tomorrow and be ready to ensure your EV remains charged and ready for action.
  • PoolHot Tub, and Spa Electrical Services: Elevate your sunny season with our extraordinary services, turning hot tubs, spas, and pools into beautifully lit paradises.

Over 18 Locations Across Ohio!

As a fully licensed, insured, and professionally-trained residential electrician, our company is committed to helping you with all of your home projects.

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Electric Service Panels​

Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about electric service panels. Our commercial and residential electricians are here to provide Solon with the most current and up-to-date service panels in town. Our electricians ensure that you never have to tolerate old, outdated panels that need frequent repairs. With Yoder Electric, you’ll get service panels that are functional, modern, and able to meet all your electrical needs

Backup Generators​

Solon natives know that thanks to unpredictable Ohio weather patterns, all it takes is one thunderstorm to create a power outage that lasts for days. Losing power may be an expected part of Ohio summers, but with Yoder Electric, it doesn’t have to be.Yoder Electric is your premium choice for backup generators for both residential and commercial customers. This way, the wild weather of Ohio will never leave you in the dark.
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Solar Panel Systems​

Solon is a city dedicated to growth. What better way to foster growth in the Solon community than by harnessing the power of the sun? Our residential and commercial electricians make the switch to solar an efficient process, no matter what your home or business power requirements are. We’ll set you up with solar panels that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also provide you with enough energy to meet your needs.
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Electric Vehicle Chargers​

Nothing says eco-friendly quite like an electric car. To make your journey easier, we provide you with state-of-the-art electric chargers at your convenience. No more gas prices or long lines; you can have your very own sustainable solution right at your front door.
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Pool & Spa Electrical

We would never forget about your pool, where you splash, swim, and make memories with family and friends. We’re not just testing pH levels; we’re keeping you and your home safe. Whether you want a pool that lights up in vibrant colors or you simply want the wiring checked, our pool and spa electricians ensure your pool is a safe and reliable part of your home.

Data and Communication Support

In a city that’s all about strong communication and online presence, our electricians are here to power your phone chargers, computers, and all the other devices you use to stay connected in the digital age. Whether you own a home or are running a business, our commercial and residential electricians will maintain, repair, and install electrical systems that help you keep in touch.



Get licensed and bonded, professional commercial and industrial electrical work from R & T Yoder Electric. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an estimate today!

Remodeling or renovating Your Home Call Yoder

Are you a homeowner in Solon craving a transformation that goes beyond mere repairs? Look no further than the residential electricians at Yoder! We’re not just here to fix issues; we’re here to turn your home into a masterpiece of modern convenience. Yoder is your ticket to a complete electronic makeover that suits your needs! We specialize in giving your home both functionality and an aesthetic that matches your tastes.

From rewiring your entire home to installing cutting-edge, energy-efficient lighting systems, we’re on a mission to make your home the talk of the town. It’s not just about function; it’s about creating an atmosphere that leaves your guests in awe.Imagine the convenience of a fully automated home, where you can control everything from the lighting to the temperature with a simple touch. Our electricians can make that a reality for you.

But we don’t stop there. Our team of premium residential electricians is equipped to tackle every aspect of your remodeling project. From updating your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances to revamping your bathroom into a spa-like oasis, Yoder Electric has you covered.So, if you’re ready to transform your home into a well-lit, cozy haven, it’s time to call Yoder Electric. We’re not just in the business of remodeling; we’re in the business of making your dreams come true.

Solon’s vibrant business community has evolved and thrived just as your city’s pioneers did, facing challenges head-on with a spirit of determination and progress. The roots of Solon, deeply embedded in the Connecticut Western Reserve, resonate with a legacy of the city’s tenacity.

Much like those early settlers who conquered wetlands and agricultural complications, Yoder Electric’s team of commercial electricians can conquer the challenges of modern electrical needs for Solon’s businesses.

Explore our Commercial Electrical Services!
Just as Solon strives for excellence, we too are committed to your utmost satisfaction. We won’t rest until we’ve ignited that spark of delight in your eyes.

Imagine a world where every interaction with your commercial electric service provider flows seamlessly, like a finely tuned machine. We are here to transform that imagination into reality.

Whether your business requires routine maintenance, critical commercial electric repairs, or a comprehensive electrical overhaul, our expert team of commercial electricians is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We understand the value of your time, so we pledge to be prompt, efficient, and friendly along the way!

UnrivaledCustomer Care

In the heart of Solon, Yoder Electric is proud to be a budding entity. Besides our team’s deep-seated expertise in electrical services, what sets us apart in this dynamic landscape is our resolute commitment to superior customer service. Feedback from our clients frequently mentions our unparalleled reliability, emphasizing the tranquility they enjoy when associating with Yoder Electric.

In a sector often characterized by procrastination and a lack of engagement, our brand is a beacon of accessibility and timeliness. Each interaction underscores the value of choosing Yoder Electric, ensuring that your investment is always justified.

Our lines are always open for questions, ensuring consistent communication, no waiting periods, and utmost transparency in our cost estimates, free from concealed charges. This strategy is pivotal in building trust, an essential ingredient for successful partnerships. To sum it up, our outstanding customer service is more than just a promise—it’s a reflection of our ethos, where clients always come first.

Your Trusted Partner In Solon

Citizens of Solon, you’ve paved the way for excellence, and our residential and commercial electricians are here to join forces with you. Our electrifyingly efficient customer care is the bridge between your city’s greatness and the success of your businesses.

We’re here to make sure your electrical systems are not just functional but also a source of pride. Our team of electricians prides itself on going the extra mile. Need an intricate wiring job done? We’ve got it covered. Thinking of upgrading your electric service panels? Consider it done.

Let’s light up your world together, one electrically charged connection at a time. Welcome to a new era of customer care—welcome to Yoder Electric! Contact us today to learn more.

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