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Springfield, Ohio has become one of Dayton’s most desirable suburbs in recent decades, and the city’s growth has skyrocketed as more families and business owners have come to love this thriving community.

All of us at Yoder Electric understand the draw to Springfield, which is why we’ve also established an office on Fountain Avenue. Our electrical specialists located in Springfield are a part of our team that supports the entire Central Ohio region, and we’re here for your home or business no matter what type of electrical issues you’re currently experiencing.

We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial electrical projects, and we’re very proud to support the Springfield community with any and all electrical repairs. Below is our comprehensive overview detailing some of the services we provide in Springfield, as well as other helpful information to protect your property from electrical issues.

And always feel free to reach out to us online or give us a call at 614-412-2185 when you’re ready to reach out to our Springfield electricians!

Common Warning Signs That Your Springfield Home Needs An Electrical Inspection

Although a lot of homeowners tend to neglect their electrical systems until it’s too late, the truth is that electrical safety can never be overlooked. The tough part about inspecting electrical systems is that most of the wiring and electrical components are located behind your walls and out of sight, but the good news is that the Yoder Electric team is fully capable of delving deeper into electrical safety inspections and making sure you and your household are safe from future problems.

Although there are many different warning signs associated with needing an electrical inspection, below are some of the most common red flags that Springfield homeowners should be aware of:

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Two-Pronged Outlets

One very obvious sign that your home’s electrical system is outdated is when your home features two-pronged outlets. If you still have two-pronged outlets throughout your home in Springfield, then you undoubtedly need to reach out to our specialists for a safety inspection.

Electrical outlets were updated to three prongs for safety purposes a long time ago, so having two-pronged outlets is a clear sign that you’re in need of an upgrade. And what’s worse is that two-pronged outlets also pose significant safety hazards that are best to be avoided!

Your Lights Are Flickering Whenever You Turn On Your Appliances

If you turn on an appliance and then notice lights flickering, it’s a clear red flag that something is wrong with your electrical system. Although this symptom could be related to all sorts of different underlying problems, the only way to truly know what your system is going through is to get a professional inspection.

Sometimes the flickering can be due to a faulty light switch, which is actually an incredibly dangerous situation. Faulty light switches are known for causing overheating situations, which then can lead to fires. So it’s always important to take inadvertent light flickering very seriously, because you never know when it could be connected to a dangerous home hazard!

Springfield Ohio electrical services, electrical repair
Springfield Ohio electrical services, electrical repair

Your Home’s Circuit Breakers Are Consistently Tripping

One of the most common reasons why circuit breakers consistently trip is excessive electrical demand, and this type of scenario is getting more and more common in recent years due to households using a lot of tech devices. Although there are some situations in which addressing this electrical system is easy, like simply moving your devices and appliances into other circuit breakers for better accommodation, there are also other scenarios in which consistent circuit breaker tripping is an indication of a much more serious electrical problem.

The only way to actually get to the bottom of why your circuit breakers are tripping is to get a safety inspection from our esteemed specialists. Our team will be sure to figure out what the root of the problem is, and then point you in the right direction towards an affordable solution.

It’s possible that you may need to upgrade your circuit breaker if it’s become outdated, but we’ll let you know what your best options are once we’ve finalized our inspection.

Your Outlets And/Or Light Switches Feel Strangely Warm

When your light switches and/or outlets are feeling warm, it usually means that you’re exerting too much electrical energy into one specific area of your home’s system. This type of issue is often really easy to address, but these strangely warm feelings to outlets and light switches could be an indication of bigger problems as well.

It’s possible that your outlets and switches are feeling warm due to damaged electrical wiring, incorrectly sized circuit breakers or fuses, or even damaged electrical infrastructure. The good news is that no matter what is causing this abnormal warming of your switches or outlets, our professional electricians will thoroughly diagnose the issue and let you know exactly why this is happening.

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Burning Smells

Although it’s not all that uncommon to smell burning odors emanating from your home’s kitchen every now and again, it’s never a good thing when your electrical system is exuding similar odors. This includes any abnormal burning smells coming from your home’s appliances, because this could be a serious red flag indicating electrical burning.

Most electrical burning will smell like burning or melting plastic, so if you’re noticing this type of smell within your home, then it’s 100% time to call our experts for a thorough inspection.

We Also Provide Residential & Commercial Solar System Installations in Springfield, Ohio

Solar power systems have become incredibly popular throughout Springfield in recent years, and the Yoder Electric team is here to help you install a comprehensive solar system at your home or business.

We understand why so many properties are switching to solar, and we’re proud to be a part of Springfield’s sustainability initiatives as we help our community foster a more eco-friendly future.

Below are some of the common benefits of installing a solar system at your residential or commercial property:

Solar Panels Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

Federal residential solar tax credits are making solar panels more affordable for all property owners, and today Springfield residents can get 30% tax credits on their solar system investments. And what’s great is that these tax credits have been extended all the way until 2033, so our team will be there to help you obtain these affordable investments whenever you’re ready to pull the trigger.

And when you work with us for your solar system installation, we’ll help you with our affordable financing options to fully guarantee that your solar investments fall within your monthly budget.

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Saving On Your Utility Bills

Solar power offers an incredible opportunity to save on your monthly utility bills, and these savings are only increasing as fossil fuel energy costs continue to skyrocket.

So installing a solar system at your property not only helps you foster more eco-friendly energy solutions, because it also is financially friendly as well.

Your Lights Can Stay On During Outages

Solar power systems also help homes and businesses during power disruptions as well. This is because solar energy is typically paired up with a very powerful battery storage, which will give your property power no matter what time of day it is (and with little to no reliance on municipal grids).

And as solar battery power continues to improve, this type of investment is becoming more common all throughout Central Ohio.

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Springfield Ohio electrical services, electrical repair

Solar Systems Increase Property Values

Investing in a solar system is simultaneously an investment in your home or commercial building’s property value, and this is largely because prospective buyers are often intrigued by these energy systems.

The more features and incentives you can give to buyers regarding your electrical system, the more you can ask for your selling price.

Solar Systems Work Great in Central Ohio’s Climate

Central Ohio is known for having a wide range of weather throughout the year, but we also get plenty of sunshine each season. This makes cities like Springfield a great place to invest in residential solar power systems, but it’s also important to remember that today’s solar systems are self-sufficient even during cloudy days.

So you no longer need to worry about how much energy your solar panels are generating when the sun isn’t out, because we’ll be sure to provide you with the most cutting-edge solar technology that still gets the job done no matter what the weather is like outside!

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Yoder Electric Is Here For Your Springfield OH Property Via Our Residential & Commercial Electrical Services!

R&T Yoder Electric has become one of the leading electrical companies in Springfield, Ohio for many reasons, and one of the biggest sources of our success is our unparalleled commitment to high-quality results and customer care.

We truly care deeply about each and every one of our customers, and our experts will be there for you and your Springfield property whenever electrical issues arise.

Reach out to us online or call us at 614-412-2185 to speak directly with our experts today about what’s currently going on with your Springfield property’s electrical system!

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