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The team at Yoder Electric is excited to offer electrical help in Trotwood, Ohio. Known for its Native American history, the awesome views of Sycamore State Park, and its friendly people, we’re happy to bring Yoder Electric to such an amazing place. If you need an electrician for your house or business, Yoder Electric is here for you in Montgomery County.

Trotwood, Ohio – named after Aunt Betsy Trotwood from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens – is famous for cool concerts, fun festivals, and local farmers’ markets. Plus, now it’s where Yoder Electric calls home!

Started in 2004, Yoder Electric has added lots of new things we can do. We can help homes, businesses, and even big factories. We’re excited to be a part of Trotwood and can’t wait for what’s next.

Yoder Electric is all about client satisfaction, so take a quick look at the services we offer! No matter what you need from us, we make sure you get you ask for.

Residential Services for Renovations & Remodels

All Trotwood house owners recognize that our town combines the old with the new, and sometimes, home improvements are a must. Plus, with a great teammate, the process becomes easier in our lively Montgomery County spot.

No matter if you’re in the older part of town or in one of Trotwood’s freshly developed areas, Yoder Electric has awesome workers and the newest tools to bring your dream house to life. Our skilled team knows how to tackle many problems, always focusing on what makes Trotwood homes special. We make sure form and function go hand-in-hand to best represent your unique needs and tastes.

Picking Yoder Electric for your next electrical job means we’re with you from start to finish. We answer the phone quickly when you call us, talk in-depth with you about your needs, guide you through the pros and cons of every available option, and finish every project on time while making sure we do our job right.

From a full electric panel change to adding new plugs to completing any electrical service you can think of, Yoder Electric is ready to lend a hand!

Trotwood Ohio electrician, electrical problems

Trotwood Commercial Electrical Services

No matter if your company is in an old building or in one of Trotwood’s up-and-coming business areas, Yoder Electric has amazing electricians and top-notch tools to help make your work area perfect. Our talented crew is great at figuring out tricky stuff, always making sure it fits with Trotwood’s mix of buildings.

Every Trotwood business person knows our town has both old-timey beauty and new-age style. To keep workspaces up-to-date and working well, sometimes changes are needed. In this busy part of Montgomery County, having a trusty team on your side can make change a breeze.

Choosing Yoder Electric for your business’s electrical needs means we work together all the way. We put you first, talk through what you want, show you good and maybe not-so-good choices, and get the job done really well, sticking to our plan. Whether it’s making your work area bigger, updating your meeting space, or just adding some more plug spots, Yoder Electric is on it!

Installation, Maintenance Checks, and Repairs

As we cater to the varied requirements of Trotwood households and commercial establishments, we proudly present a broad spectrum of services to the community. Whether it’s a minor repair or a large-scale project, our commitment is to address the unique needs of each client and ensure that our community is always powered safely and efficiently.

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Electric Service Panels

We can find and fix any problems in your electrical boxes or even replace them with better ones. Our main goal is to make sure every light in Trotwood shines bright and safe. No matter how old or new your house is, we’re here to help make sure everything works just right.

Backup Generators

In Trotwood, the weather can get unpredictable and lead to temporary power loss. That’s why having a backup plan is so important. Yoder Electric makes sure that whether you’re at home or running a business, you won’t be left in the dark when the weather acts up.

Trotwood Ohio electrician, electrical problems
Trotwood Ohio electrician, electrical problems

Solar Panel Systems

Trotwood cares deeply about being green and thinking of our planet’s future. In addition to being more sustainable, solar power can help you save money on your electricity bills! Call Yoder Electric today to discuss the addition of solar panels to your home.

EV Chargers

More and more people in Trotwood are choosing eco-friendly ways to travel, like electric cars. At Yoder Electric, we’re here to help you make that change. We provide easy-to-use and quick EV charger setups so you can charge your electric car at home or work.

Trotwood Ohio electrician, electrical problems

Hot Tub, Pool, & Spa Electrical System Services

We’re not just about lighting up homes; we’re experts when it comes to pools and hot tubs, too. People all over the area trust us to make sure their swimming spots are safe and working great. No matter where in Trotwood you live or work, our specialized pool electricians are here to help.

Electrical System Support

Our team is equipped with both the knowledge and the latest tools to ensure every Trotwood resident and business owner feels safe and confident in their electrical systems. Dedicated to excellence, Yoder Electric offers support for every electrical challenge.

Trotwood Ohio electrician, electrical problems
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Yoder Electric's Promise to Our Customers

At Yoder Electric, we’re known for more than just our skills with wires and circuits. What truly sets us apart is our strong promise to always put you, our customer, first. Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate our fast and friendly replies whenever they reach out. They know they won’t face long waits or ignored calls when they choose us, which is sadly not the case everywhere in our line of work.

But our dedication goes deeper than just answering the phone quickly. Our team genuinely cares about every question you might have, big or small. We believe in guiding you step-by-step, making sure you understand and feel good about the work we’re doing. We know trust is super important, especially when it comes to the safety and comfort of your home or business.

So, when folks say Yoder Electric is great with customers, it’s not just talk. It’s because we truly believe in making sure you’re at the center of all we do. No matter what your home or business needs from us, we ensure you get it!

Choose Yoder: Your Trusted Electric Expert in Trotwood!

Whether you’re in the heart of Trotwood’s historic downtown or out in its lively edges, Yoder Electric is here for all your electrical jobs. We’ve got a team of top-notch electricians who really know their stuff and who are dedicated to giving the best to our community. Every time we work in this special town, our goal is to make sure your electrical systems and gadgets are safe and work just right.

As we keep growing and helping more people in Trotwood, our promise remains strong: to give safe and super-efficient electrical help. And because we care so much about this town and its awesome people, we make sure every job is done perfectly and leaves you happy.

So, for the best electrical service in Montgomery County, remember Yoder Electric. We’re here to serve you and make sure you get the best!

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