How many solar panels are needed to run a home?

Energy prices, like almost everything else these days, continue to rise. Those costs can  impede your ability to perform the day-to-day lifestyle activities that you enjoy. One  solution many homeowners consider to curb their dependence on the local power grid  is to install a solar system on their property. However, when doing their research they’ll  inevitability want to know how many solar panels are needed to run a home.  

The two types of solar panel systems 

Before we answer that question, however, a homeowner needs to understand the two  types of solar panel systems. The first is a roof-mounted system. These are lightweight  panels that sit atop your current shingles or aluminum roof. They’re great ways to  maximize solar energy absorption. 

The second type of solar panel system is more common in the country with larger  yards or on commercial property. Ground-mount systems are often referred to as a  solar system field and are a solution to consider if your power needs are extensive. 

Analyzing your power 

This brings us to our next point: analyzing your power demands. A home today  consumes much more electrical power than a home from thirty or forty years ago.  Often, a homeowner doesn’t realize how many devices they have that use electrical  power until there is an outage. 

First, just look around your home and count the number of items that are plugged into  an outlet. Then, look at your electrical power usage over the past twelve months.  Notice the peaks and the dips and average out the total wattage that your home uses  per month.  

Access to the sky 

Next, you’re going to want to consider the line-of-sight access your home has to the  sky. Do you have tall buildings or nearby trees that limit your home’s access? Often,  even in the city, a roof-mounted system can capture solar energy for many hours  throughout the day. Which direction does your home face? Does your roof primarily  face the East or West? The answers to these questions can provide insight into our  primary question of the day. 

How many solar panels are needed to run a home? 

Which is, “How many solar panels are needed to run a home?” This will vary based on  several considerations and whether you’re looking to completely isolate your home  from the local power grid. As a rule of thumb, the typical home will need between 15  and 19 panels, though this can vary significantly depending on your power needs. 

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Since the number of solar panels you’ll need to run your home will vary based on  multiple factors, the first place to start is with a Columbus, Ohio electrician who can 

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