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solar panels on home with red roof

Finding a knowledgeable solar energy contractor is no small task. Some companies  from out of state don’t understand the nuances of Ohio weather. Others focus primarily  on homes in the country, forgetting that a backyard solar system is completely viable  for city residents. Of course, it’s helpful to first know how many solar panels you’ll need  for your home. Let’s look at several questions that can help point you in the right  direction. 

Will your solar panels be your sole source of power? 

A single group of solar panels can act as a secondary source of power. However, the  first question your solar energy contractor should ask is if this will be your sole source  of power. If so, then you’ll need a significantly larger solar system. You’ll want to be  especially focused on our next two questions as well. 

How many hours per day do you get direct sunlight? 

As we mentioned, sometimes a solar energy contractor will focus exclusively on homes  in the country. These typically have much larger yards that get many hours of sunlight  per day. 

This, of course, doesn’t mean those in the city can’t have a backyard field of solar  panels. Rather, it simply means that you’ll need to be more aware of how the sun  moves across the sky. This is even more important during the winter months. If you’re  close to downtown, for example, and the sun gets blocked easily then you’ll need more  solar panels to maximize your energy capture. 

What are the power demands of your home? 

One important detail that a solar energy contractor should not overlook is the current  (and predicted future) power demands of your home. To get a good idea, take a  moment and walk around your home (after you finish reading this, that is). Take note of  how many things you have plugged in. How many television sets do you own? Do you  have more than one gaming console? How about computers or mobile devices? Do  your kids have several each or are you an empty nester? 

Finally, what type of smart appliances do you have? These can sometimes draw more  power due to their always-on nature. In addition, what will be your power demands in  five to ten years? 

How many solar panels will you need? 

As you can see, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when deciding how many  solar panels you’ll need. You can use a rough estimate of at least 15 as a minimum,  though this is based on national low-end calculations and not your home’s specific  power demands. 

Work with a solar energy contractor who can help you answer each of these  questions!

We’ve been helping homeowners across Central Ohio since 2004 with their various  electrical needs. These include selecting the number of solar panels that are right for  their home. As each situation is different, the best solution is to contact our team today  to get a free quote. 

If you’d like to learn more about our solar energy contractor services, then give us a  call today. You can contact a member of our team at 614-206-5401 or by sending us a  message HERE

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