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“How can I find a good electrician near me?” This question has been asked by many homeowners across Central Ohio and beyond. After all, when you’re spending money on a service, you expect the very best. Here are some tips to help you find an electrician in Columbus, Powell, Grove City, Westerville, and beyond.

Read user reviews
Today, our society is more virtually connected than ever. On pretty much every platform from Google to Facebook to user-generated sites such as Yelp, you can leave a review of a business. Many of these are also embedded on a company’s site and some you’ll need to proactively search for.

One thing to look at especially close is how the company responds to negative reviews. This can give you a take on one of our tips below (Customer Service) but also lets you know one important detail. 

Is the brand active and engaged with its online audience? If a bad review is left untouched, that’s a warning sign to keep in the back of your mind.
Do they have up-to-date licenses, insurance, and certifications.

Review their website next and look for details on their continuing education rules for their staff. This can give you insight into their take on renewing certifications.
When you talk with the company, ask for their credentials including both their license and insurance. They should be more than willing to provide you with this info.

Positive employee feedback
Another critical detail to consider when searching for an electrician in Columbus is how their current and former employees viewed the company. It is worth keeping in mind that a single disgruntled employee can be a very loud voice. Nevertheless, look for positive feedback on websites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

Ask for references
If you’re looking for a good electrician near Columbus, then another thing to ask for is a list of references. Virtually any reputable company should have a database of customers who they’ve worked with in the past. These customers, whether residential or commercial, should be able to vouch for the electrical company’s reliability and integrity.

What is their stance on customer service?
Loop back to our earlier comment on responding to reviews. Quality customer service is a hallmark of a good electrician in Columbus. From a commitment to their customers to rectifying any unforeseen situations and more, how they treat others is a likely indicator as to how they’ll treat you.

How to find a “good electrician near me”

Ah yes, that’s the golden ticket, isn’t it? Finding a high-quality electrician near you, whether you live in Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, or another one of our surrounding communities can be difficult. That’s why we think our list of tips above will help you out immensely when trying to find a “good electrician near me.”

Of course, in our opinion, whenever you need an electrician in Columbus, the only choice is Yoder Electric. Our team is standing by, ready to help you out with any of your electrical service requirements. 

Let us know your needs by giving our team a call. You can reach them at 614-206-5401 or through our short and convenient website contact form HERE.

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