PART 2: Practicing Electrical Safety When Decorating for Halloween

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Welcome to Part 2 of Yoder’s tips for safely decorating for Halloween! Today, we’re discussing the steps every lover of spooky season should follow as they fill their homes and yards with flashing lights, cackling witches, dancing skeletons, and more.

Together, let’s make sure your worst scare comes from creepy costumes,, not from serious electrical fires.

Check Everything for Damage.

The most important rule is that you need to make sure the lights themselves are in tip-top shape. Before you even think about connecting them to an outlet, take a minute or two to check for frayed wires, damaged sockets, or exposed conductors. 

If your lights look like they’ve been through a war too many times, it’s time to retire them. You want your Halloween display to be fabulous.

Don’t Mix Up Indoor and Outdoor Lights.

If your Halloween decorating extravaganza is happening outside, use outdoor lights designed to withstand the elements

Indoor lights don’t do great when it comes to the sun or rain. It’s quite simple: keep the indoor lights indoors and the outdoor lights outside. This way, your decorations will shine without any surprises.

Use Extension Cords Properly.

Extension cords on their own make our lives much easier, but you tend not to think that overloading them could cause disastrous problems. Don’t daisy-chain extension cords; it’s not going to end well. It’s a potential fire hazard and if you choose the right cord for the job, you won’t have to worry at all about sparks, and your party won’t end with no power.

Waterproof your Outdoor Outlets.

If it’s a dark and stormy Halloween night, make sure your outdoor connections are waterproof. 

Nobody wants their decorations to turn into broken, waterlogged zombies. Use weatherproof connectors and outdoor-rated extension cords to keep the elements at bay, ensuring the party goes on well into the night.

Don’t Overdo the Lights.

The temptation will be there, but there’s a saying that less is more. Try not to go overboard with your decorating and stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to connecting multiple strings of lights. It’s all about having fun, not overloading your circuits and not having to deal with an electrical short.

Turn Everything Off Before Bed.

Before you retire for the night, to ensure that you have a restful night, remember to unplug your Halloween lights—all of them. Not only will this save you energy, but it will also ensure that your decorations stay in good shape for the next Halloween season.

Halloween is all about thrills, chills, and spooky fun, not electrical shocks! These safety tips might not be as fun as a haunted house, but they’ll keep you and your decorations safe and sound. So, go out there and have a fun and safe Halloween, because we want your night to be filled with treats, not tricks!

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