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Solar panels are the way of the future, especially for homes in states that see many sunny days (or even bright, cloudy ones). So long as your home’s roof is a good fit for a solar panel and you have a means of storing that energy, it can be an excellent investment for your home. This is especially true when there are so many government grants available. If you recently had a solar panel installed with the federal solar tax credit, you’re well on your way to saving money on your utility bills.

However, you need to keep your solar panels in top condition to continue saving as much as you can. To do that, you will want to follow these maintenance tips:

Keep Trees Trimmed

While solar panels can keep capturing energy even during cloudy days, they don’t do as well when in the shade. If you have a large tree on your property, make sure that you keep trimming it to minimize the amount of shade that falls on your roof. This is more of an issue for single-story properties, so be aware when you install them.

Regularly Check In

Solar panels have status LEDs that make it easy to check to ensure they are working at a glance. You can usually go outside at night and look at them to see if everything is still good. If the lights aren’t green or are missing entirely, then there’s an issue, and you’ll need a pro from Yoder Electric to go up there and check in on them.

Use a Monitoring System

A monitoring system is a great way to check how effective the solar panel is and how much you have saved. If you notice that the amount of electricity your solar panels capture differs, even on similar blue-sky, cloudless days, you will want to contact the manufacturer. They can determine what is wrong with your panels to ensure you have the best output.

Regularly Clean Your Panels

Just as shade can interrupt your solar panels, so too can dust. That’s why you’ll want to have someone come up and clean the panels on a fairly regular basis. You can alternatively invest in automated cleaners that work similarly to sprinklers to keep your panels clean. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, then sign up for snow removal services early to ensure you’re on the list and can continue to offset your energy use throughout the year.

You can, of course, clean your solar panels yourself. If you have a safe way to access those panels, clean them with a soft rag and biodegradable soap. You can put that rag on the end of a mop to increase your reach. For best results, rinse your solar panels with water once you are done. If you cannot access your solar panels safely, contact Yoder Electric; they will have safety equipment and be insured in case of accidents.  

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