The Electrical Grid: How It Works and How to Protect It

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The intricate network of wires, transformers, and infrastructure that delivers electricity to our homes and businesses is known as the electrical grid. This complex system makes modern life possible, but many home and business owners don’t know what keeps the lights on or how they can help protect the grid.

In today’s blog, the team at Yoder Electric will explain how the grid powers our world and what we can do to ensure its reliability. 

Power Generation  

In Ohio, electricity comes from several sources: coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, and wind. Major plants harness these resources to spin massive turbine generators, producing powerful alternating currents. 

For efficient long-distance transmission on high-voltage power lines, transformers step up voltages. Ohio’s grid connects to neighboring states and Canada to share resources. 

Transmission and Distribution  

A vast network of high-voltage transmission lines, substations, poles, and towers carries electricity from power plants to population centers across Ohio. 

Voltages from 69,000 to 765,000 volts allow power to travel hundreds of miles with minimal loss. Distribution substations use transformers to reduce voltages to safer 120/240V levels for residential and business consumption. 

Local utility poles distribute power via lower 4,000-34,500 volt lines to neighborhoods. More transformers outside buildings or on poles decrease power to standard voltages for homes and businesses. Ohio’s grid serves over 12 million customers. 

Management and Delivery  

Advanced systems allow Ohio grid operators to monitor real-time supply and demand. Outages can be quickly isolated and fixed. Smart meters provide two-way communication between utilities and customers for meter readings and outage alerts. Ohio’s grid interconnects with other states,  so blackouts can be offset by routing power from other zones. 

Together, this intricate ballet of coordinated generation, transmission, distribution, and management provides the reliable electricity Ohioans depend on 24/7.  

Protecting the Grid  

With an aging grid handling growing demand, maintaining reliability is crucial. Yoder Electric  recommends: 

  • Ensure that your home or business receives regular maintenance. We provide thorough electrical inspections, upgrade infrastructure, and install smart grid technologies.
  • Keep everything up-to-date on your property. Whether you need to replace a wire or install a new system of meters and panels, Yoder Electric is here to help.
  • Protect your systems from harsh weather and cyber threats. Let us help select resilient wiring and surge protection. 
  • Get involved with your local politics. On local, state, and federal election days, you can vote yes to appropriate investments in grid modernization. 
  • Practice energy efficiency to minimize strain on the system. Yoder helps customers use power wisely.
  • Make sure you always have backup power. Our team provides premium backup energy solutions through solar, storage, and generators.

By strengthening the grid, we can keep power flowing seamlessly for generations. Yoder Electric has the expertise to assess your needs and implement solutions to maximize efficiency and protection. Contact us today to learn more!

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