Top Tips for Power Outage Prep

If there’s one thing locals know about Cleveland, it’s that our weather patterns are often different than other parts of the state. Lake-effect conditions are a concern all year long, and electricity disruptions in the summer are not unheard of. Is there anything you can do to prepare your home or business for a power outage? 

Actually, yes there is! Using our experience as an electrician in Cleveland, Ohio, here are some of our favorite tips to help you prepare for an unexpected loss of power.

Short-Term Solutions

Buy surge protectors.

During a power outage, there will be moments when the power comes on and goes back off. This is a power surge, and each of your important electronics should be on a surge protector. Often, our customers think of a power strip and a surge protector as the same thing.

They’re not. A surge protector has built-in components to protect your computers, TVs, and video game consoles from a sudden burst of power.

Open or shut the curtains and blinds as needed.

When there is an increased risk of power loss during the summer, you want to shut your curtains and blinds. This will keep additional heat out by reflecting it. 

During the winter, if you’re expecting to lose power then open the curtains and let the sun in. This can help warm your home if the furnace is off.

Long-Term Safety Measures

Buy a backup generator.

Our next three tips are all additions or upgrades to your home or business that can help prepare you for a power outage. For homeowners specifically, consider investing in either a whole home or a backup generator. This can help keep your critical appliances working while the power company works to restore power to your area.

Upgrade your electrical panel.

How old is your current electrical panel? If you’re still using fuse boxes, it’s well overdue for an upgrade. And even if your panel is only a decade or two old, it may not have sufficient capacity — especially in light of the back and forth that comes with a power outage.

Install a solar panel system.

Finally, the most proactive thing you can do to prepare for power outages is to take yourself out of the equation. With a solar panel system at your home or business, you can minimize your dependence on the power grid. When there is an outage, you can then rely on your solar panels to keep your critical electronics in working order.

Prepare for a power outage by calling Yoder Electric!

For homeowners, several of the items we listed above need the assistance of a Cleveland, Ohio residential electrician. And likewise, if you’re a business owner you’ll need a highly-qualified commercial electrician in Cleveland and all of the surrounding suburbs to make these kinds of changes.

And that’s why the easiest way to prepare your home or business for a power outage is to call Yoder Electric! Our team will help you with the necessary upgrades or additions to ensure you’re ready to go whenever there is a disruption in your electricity. 

Would you like to get in touch? Then call us at (614) 992-7856 or send our team a message here. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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