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Does your facility need the services of an industrial electrician? As a Columbus Ohio  commercial electrician, we’re here to help your facility with any and all of its electrical  needs. Of course, that leads to an important question: “What does an industrial  electrician do exactly?” Here is a short sampling of a handful of the tasks that a  commercial electrician can perform in your facility. 

Trenching and backfilling 

One of the most basic tasks that an industrial electrician will perform for a facility is  trenching and backfilling. Ensuring that your power lines are buried to industry  standards is a key skill for any professional commercial electrician. Often, they’ll use a  mini excavator for larger projects or a trencher for smaller ones. 

They ensure wiring and control panels are integrated correctly Once the power lines are run to your facility, a commercial electrician will then ensure  that all wiring is set up according to state and federal standards. This helps to keep  your employees safe and your facility running without any unexpected downtime due  to an outage.  

In addition, an industrial electrician will see that each control panel throughout your  facility is integrated correctly with your electrical system. 

A commercial electrician will hook up your machinery 

One of the important yet sometimes overlooked benefits of working with a qualified  commercial electrician is that they will hook up machinery correctly. Understanding  how the necessary voltage and systems all work together without causing a power  overload is vitally important. 

A commercial electrician is there during plant shutdowns 

From time to time, industrial facilities will have a plant-wide shutdown. Often, these  come around the middle and end of the year, typically close to the 4th of July and  Christmas holidays. However, to ensure that your systems are shut down properly, you  should have a licensed commercial electrician who understands your facility perform  these tasks for you. 

A commercial electrician will perform preventative maintenance Often during these shutdown periods (though sometimes throughout the year as well),  a commercial electrician will perform various types of preventative maintenance. And  as any facility manager is well aware, an ounce of prevention today will save significant  operational expenses down the road. 

They will both troubleshoot and repair problematic areas 

Finally, a commercial electrician will troubleshoot and repair any problem areas in your  facility. These include areas experiencing surges, repeated outages, or machinery that  seems to be having ongoing power-related problems.

Providing industrial electrical services throughout Central Ohio The items we’ve listed above are just a sampling of the various tasks an industrial  electrician will perform for a facility. Some other options include power and lighting  services, programming logic controllers, advanced wiring duties, moving or adjusting  your system, primary voltage distribution, and handling the installation of your various  facility switches. 

However, no matter the type of need your facility has, our team has a solution to meet  it. We offer a wide variety of industrial and commercial electrician services to  businesses throughout Central Ohio. Call our commercial department at 614-206-5401  or contact us through our short form HERE.

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