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Are you considering installing a system of solar panels on your property? Or, are you  looking for some ways to minimize your dependence on our country’s aging power  grid? Regardless of where you are in the decision-making process, we want to help.  Find out today why solar is the best kind of energy and why you should add a solar  system to your home. 

It’s free 

Tonight, when you plug in your phone to charge it while you sleep, it’s going to cost  you. Mind you, it might only cost you a few cents.  

Then again, how many phones do you have? How many smartwatches does your  family own? Are there any gaming consoles in your house? Do you have appliances (if  you say no, we’d like to know how you’re reading this!)? 

Everything you plug in, even your power strips, costs money to operate. That power  comes from the electric company which then charges you for your usage.  

Solar is the best kind of energy because the sun will never charge you for what you  use. 

It’s eternal 

Well, okay, maybe one day the sun will burn out. That, however, is so far down the road  that to us the sun might as well be eternal.  

Perhaps a better way of saying this is that the sun is renewable, whereas coal and gas  are not. They’re finite resources, whereas the sun will be here long after you and I are  gone. 

It can reduce your costs 

Did you know that a solar system can significantly reduce your monthly power bill?  That’s yet another reason why solar is the best kind of energy. Ultimately, a field of  solar panels will save you money in the long run… 

It can even take you “off-grid” completely 

…So much money that it could potentially take you completely off-grid completely. The  right kind of solar setup has the possibility of reducing your reliance on the electric  company 100%. As a bonus here, when there’s a power outage, you don’t need to  worry about it. With a solar panel field, your off-grid status can insulate you from the  problems that the power company is facing in your area. 

There’s no ongoing carbon footprint 

Looking back to the free aspect, solar is the best kind of energy because there’s no  ongoing carbon footprint. This means that once installed, you’re no longer contributing  to our planet’s ongoing (and rising) carbon emission crisis. Your home doesn’t emit  anything by using solar, making it a fully green source of power.

Solar has possible building incentives 

While we won’t dive into the tax considerations (as those are often in flux due to  Congressional details), it’s something to consider and to talk with your accountant  about. However, a solar panel can increase your home’s value, making it more  attractive to a potential buyer if you decide to sell it down the road. 

Simply put, solar is the best kind of energy 

Each of these points why solar is the best kind of energy are just a few of the reasons  why we offer it as one of our expansive service lineups. If you’d like to learn more  about adding a solar system to your home, give us a call at (614) 660-5879 or send us  a message here requesting more information.

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