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With summer heat and humidity stubbornly clinging to Ohio this year, we often get questions about how to choose the best outdoor ceiling fan to meet homeowners’ cooling needs.

It’s time to embark on the ultimate quest for the perfect outdoor ceiling fan. Why settle for sweltering in the early fall sun when you can have your own personal source of coolness right above your head? 

Join us as we break down the art of choosing an outdoor ceiling fan—the Yoder Electric way!

Size Matters

First things first. Before you get lost in a whirlwind of fan options, consider the size of your outdoor space. A fan that’s too small won’t adequately cool off your outdoor space. An oversized fan can make your patio feel like a wind tunnel. So, measure your space, and remember: the right size fan is the key to outdoor comfort.

Airflow and Efficiency

Next, let’s cover the most important details: airflow and efficiency. This is what matters most when it comes to fans. 

To find a fan that keeps you cool during the stubborn, lingering heat of early fall in Ohio, check for CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) ratings. The higher the CFM is, the more cooling power it has. Also, check out the fan’s RPM (Revolutions Per minute)—the higher, the better.

Efficiency matters too. A fan that makes your energy bill skyrocket is no fun at all. Go for an energy efficient model to keep your wallet and the planet happy.

Remote Control Options

Much like your light switches, your ceiling fan can be converted to smart technology. Because we live in the twenty-first century, you can choose a fan with either a remote control or the ability to connect to an app on your phone.

Picture this: you’re lounging on your patio, cool drink in hand, and with a single tap on your phone, you adjust the fan speed. No getting up from your comfy chair, no asking a family member to do it for you. Just pure, modern convenience.

Available Materials

Consider the material of your fan blades. Yes, they matter. Wood, steel, and plastic—each has its own vibe.

Wooden blades bring rustic charm, while steel is sleek and modern. And if you’re worried about your fan surviving the elements, look for one with a damp or wet rating. After all, we want your fan to keep spinning, rain or shine!

Aesthetic Considerations

You’re not just looking for a fan; you’re looking for a statement piece that flows well with the style of your space. Outdoor ceiling fans come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Have fun choosing one that fits your needs. 

Rustic, modern, tropical, or industrial—take your pick! Your fan should complement your outdoor decor, making your space not just comfortable but also seriously Instagram-worthy.

Call Yoder Electric for more information!

Remember, it’s not just about staying cool; it’s about achieving high-quality, long-lasting results. With that in mind, contact Yoder Electric today to install the perfect ceiling fan for your outdoor space. We are always happy to offer premium services with excellent customer service.

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