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Are you considering calling an electrician for a home project, but aren’t sure if  your specific needs are something they can handle? You’re not alone in your concern.  Many times, a homeowner isn’t sure if what they require would be worth the time of a  

professional electrician. Today, we’re here to debunk that concern. The truth is that  your electrical system, if not installed properly, can be a safety hazard. It’s always  better to be safe than sorry. Here are the tasks that a residential electrician can perform  for you. 

Lighting installations and upgrades 

Would you like to install some recessed lighting? Or does the ceiling fixture in one of  your rooms lack an electrical box? Maybe you simply feel that the lighting in one of  your rooms is too little for what it needs to be. 

Lighting installations and upgrades are the first of our seven primary tasks that  residential electricians perform for their customers. 

Installing backup generators and solar panel fields 

We lump both of these into the category of “secondary power supply.” The second  task that a residential electrician can do is ensure that you have a backup generator in  place or that you have a solar panel system that meets your home’s power needs. 

Replacing dated electrical panels or installing secondary system panels If you’re still using a fuse box, you should contact a residential electrician to have them  swap it out with a newer breaker box. Likewise, your existing electrical panel may not  be sufficient for your planned home upgrades. An electrician can fix this for you. 

Making your home EV ready 

If you’ll be buying your first electric vehicle soon, you’ll need a home charger. Another  task best handled by a residential electrician is to make certain that your home is EV ready, and able to charge your vehicle with ease. 

Trenching, backfilling, and other outside feature installations 

Any type of external feature will most likely require power. Some of these will require  trenching and backfilling. Others will necessitate secondary sub-panel setups. Working  with a residential electrician will help ensure these are up to code. 

Layout and design 

A quality residential electrician can always help with layout and design. They  understand how to work within blueprints and home layouts to ensure the most  efficient wiring setup while providing ample power to your rooms. 

Residential electrical troubleshooting 

We saved the most far-reaching task for last. Electrical troubleshooting covers a wide  variety of problems ranging from outlets that won’t stay connected to breakers that 

keep tripping and so much more. If anything, consider this the catch-all task: a  professional electrician can tackle anything related to your home’s power needs. 

We’re Central Ohio’s premier residential electrician 

If you need any of these tasks or run across something we haven’t covered, always feel  free to reach out to our team. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to review your  concern and will come up with a solution that’s best for your home. 

Call us at (614) 992-7856 or request an appointment through our Contact page here to  get started! We look forward to meeting with you and helping to solve your electrical  problems.

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